Tuesday, December 29, 2020

 Article updates for today

  • Anti-flotillas
    • Minor updates - Avenger isn't a thing anymore and you can't double-ram with Engine Techs.
  • Anti-conga lines
    • Extremely minor upkeep. Article was still in good shape.
  • Overlapping
    • Added new section from the RRG about applying overlap damage before completing the maneuver.
    • Removed sections referring to old Intel and Engine Techs.
  • Anti-MSU
    • Consistently referred to fleet archetype as "MSU" instead of "swarm" as it's more consistent with the lingo most of us use and doesn't cause confusion with the Swarm keyword.
      • It still gets a little confusing when an MSU fleet includes a cheaper medium based ship as then it's no longer all small units but whatever.
    • Discussion of pass tokens in 1.5.
    • Otherwise shortened, edited, hyperlinks, the usual. I write a lot about MSU because it's something I'm very experienced with, but it can get to be a bit much.


  1. Which articles are still missing 1.5 updates? I lost track.

    1. We're getting there, haha. If it's been updated, the time stamp will be new. Older articles that are still good we've just let be. I'm just about to get into wave 7 so I'm close. Then probably a new article about pass tokens. It's gonna be a while.