Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rebel Providence!

 The Providence! Some sort of classy opener that I didn't just recycle from an earlier post here!

My original idea was to just take a screenshot of Eric's article itself....

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The GAR Victory!

Cross-faction ships! The ol' Victory! Bringing its might to the Republic! Just like we always something something let's break the ship down and pretend it has value.

I believe retail is about $49.95, but maybe you have an old one sitting around?

Friday, May 6, 2022

Hera and Anakin Actually in articles!

Hera and Anakin added to the articles, and copy-pasted below! AND I updated the Rebel squads article (pretty sure I just typed the name "Hera" in there, maybe once?) and GAR squads grouping one (massive re-do and changes, go read as I'm not reposting it), too!  Along with the individual GAR squad articles (minor changes, but always worth re-reading as I just learned smarter play that I wrote 6 months ago) themselves!

Space Mom!
As mentioned, all the different X-wings emphasize different aspects of the X-wing chassis; Biggs and the tankiness, Luke and the anti-ship, and Wedge and the anti-squad.  Hera allows all the different X-wings to work together, allowing for all the Escort squadrons at distance 1 to reroll 1 die when they attack.  This is in addition to Toryn Farr for anti-squad or BCC for anti-ship.  In practice, Hera's significant cost over even a regular X-wing ace means that she may end up replacing a BCC in your lists.  Hera does NOT have Escort herself, but she helps all your friends who do like a real squadron leader.  Pair her with at least 3 generic X-wings and/or Biggs and Jan Ors to allow her to get the best benefit out of her ability.  At the MOMENT, her ability is a pulse.  Which means when she activates, all those around her get Adept-1.  And if you "de-activate" her with Adar Tallon, she can potentially give out Adept-1 again to everyone for Adept-2.  That means you can reroll 2 dice with anti-squad attacks, but you may NOT reroll the same die more than once (for anti-ship OR anti-squad).  For added fun with those X-wings, pair her with Biggs and Jan.  You're approaching your ace limit (and the squadron limit) but you've got a strong, tanky squad ball going for sure.

Should you use Hera and YT-1300s for counter and Adept? Eh.  It's FINE but if you're bringing them you want the tankiness of the YT-1300s more than the inherent dice they roll.  Toryn (and obvious Jan) nearby is fine and most likely all you need with them; leave Hera at home in that case.

Always bring your lightsaber in case you need to make a Hot Landing

Anakin (or Splashikin as Truth has started calling him) is your basic Jedi ace.  Dude hits like a TRUCK and is worth bringing for sure; I'd almost count him as your first ace a lot of the time!  His ability only works on his activation, so a second shot from Ahsoka (above) doesn't let him use his ability, but the dice he throws and the damage he can do are significant.  3 damage and 1 accuracy (not impossible from 4 dice and Adept-2) or 2 damage and 2 accuracies, combined with his own ability can instantly kill any 3-hull scatter ace.  Imperials and CIS pilots fear this Jedi Master Knight. His black die anti-ship with Adept should be 1 damage almost every time, and it is well worth throwing him against ships when you've mopped up the squads.  For added fun, pair him with Flight Controllers.  He's also the only ace with both Dodge AND defense tokens.  Make sure to apply THAT first before you do anything else.  He is a 4 hull scatter ace, though, and remains quite squishy.  Make sure you have V19s, probably Axe especially, protecting him to keep him alive and only in the engagements that matter.  If you over extend him, or ANY of these Deltas, for that matter, they will die.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Adepticon Write-Up Part II: Who's the Bossk

Well, I promised I would do it, though it's taken some time. Let's find out how this whole thing went down! (I'm aware the formatting isn't great, but hey at least you can read it?)

A face only a mother could love...