Objectives and fleet building

If it's something you need to decide on prior to playing a game, we cover it here.

Fleet building
Fleet building 101: the basics of fleet building 
Bidding for initiative
Fleet building 201: Archetype guidelines 
Fleet building 201: Big Heavy 
Fleet building 201: Heavy Squadron
Fleet building 201: Swarm/MSU (multiple small units)
Fleet building 301: Damage synergy

Intro to objective selection
Red (assault) objectives, wave one
Red (assault) objectives, wave five 
Red (assault objectives, Rebellion in the Rim
Blue (navigation) objectives, wave one
Blue (navigation) objectives, wave five
Blue (navigation) objectives, Rebellion in the Rim
Yellow (defense) objectives, wave one
Yellow (defense) objectives, wave five 
Yellow (defense) objectives, Rebellion in the Rim


  1. Are you going to do a blog about green objectives? Our meta is mostly campaign.

    1. There aren't any plans to, no. We don't play enough Campaign games to really have an informed opinion there other than to say the ion cannon base defense objective is ridiculous.

    2. See! Now you piqued my interest. We've been partial to fighter wing because of the free HWKs or a stable of four free Y-Wings to bomb the smaller faster ships. I pick Armed Station against squadron heavy builds and wait for them to come to me. :)

    3. It's basically Planetary Ion Cannon on steroids. The tokens don't leave (so they can keep attacking every round) and you can set the tokens up so one of them gets to shoot into the enemy deployment zone right off the bat. It's nonsense.

  2. Yeah, they're all steroids! Imagine a fleet where you're allowed an illegal 173-174 points of squadrons or a FREE ship with a FREE activation that's expected to be at speed 0, immune to criticals, and has 2 red, 2 blue dice on all four hull zones with two more hull points than an ISD! It's tough to take a base but that's okay because our campaigns last longer.