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If it's relevant to activity in-game (or even post-game) and doesn't fit anywhere else, you'll find it here!

The attack sequence and you! 
The Spend Defense Tokens step
Commands and command resolution
Raid tokens
Pass tokens

Obstacles and deployment
Obstacle deployment
Rebellion in the Rim obstacles and proximity mines
Fleet deployment

Gameplay advice
How to black dice! 
Tilting and how not to
Learning from losing
Learning from losing 2: How to git gud, scrub
Dice and probability

Tips and tricks
Inside turns
Running away

Fighting fleets (countering specific problems)
Whale hunting (anti-big ship)
Swatting swarms (anti-MSU)
Cancelling conga lines (anti-broadsides line fleet) 
Flushing flotillas (anti-flotillas) 
Obliterating Onagers (anti-Onager)


  1. Eric and John:

    This site is amazing, thank you! I can tell that this is a labor of love, and it is much appreciated. I am a relatively new player, and this site has helped me improve my game play.

    Your articles on fighting different fleets are great. Have you ever considered articles on how best to run certain types of fleets? For instance, there is a lot of information on what types of ships work well in an in a certain fleet, what objectives, squadrons, activations, etc. Would it be possible to combine all that into articles about whale fleets, MSUs, squadron heavy, etc?

    I know that there are a ton of variables in each fleet, not to mention the differences between factions, and it may be too big a task to get into a single article. But it would be interesting and informative to get your thoughts each type of fleet.

    Thanks, and keep the articles coming!

    1. John has his article on using squadrons with a fleet to attack ships (, but otherwise, you're correct that we don't really have a lot of how-to guides for building the specific archetypes. It's something that's been requested before, so we probably should get to that. My main concern is while I want to help people, I don't want to constrain them too much and I fear that setting down rules for how to X might prove to be helpful initially but then somewhat limiting. Let me talk with John about it and see what we come up with...

  2. Can you guys do an article or series of them on Corellian Conflict?

    1. We have done a CC Campaign but my general advice is "don't." I know that's not a fun answer, but it isn't well-designed and one team tends to snowball while the other just suffers. The main question is how long it takes to get to that point.

  3. @Eric - any plans to do some write ups on RitR?

    1. I don't, is the short answer.

      I want to make it clear that I don't have anything against RitR campaigns or people who play them, I just haven't played it and given our usual crew, I'm not expecting that will change. That's not to say we're always super serious business 400 points tournament prep games (we love the occasional silly big monster trucks game), just doing a campaign is usually too much commitment for too large a group that tends to prefer to mostly keep it to regular 400 point games.

      Sorry if that's disappointing :(. I just don't want to give advice on something I'm not familiar with.

  4. Love the blog - for someone getting back into the game after a period out, I'd love some advice on dealing with Onagers (anti-superweapon) as they seem to completely change the game when present, and they seem pretty popular at the moment...

  5. Have you ever considered doing an article on firing arcs and how to play to the strengths of various arc-etypes? (Sorry not sorry about the pun)

    Or perhaps apending an illustration/explanation of the arcs to each ship article? Obviously some ships have more noteworthy arcs than others but in assessing the capabilities of a ship it feels like the arc distribution is a pretty important aspect

    1. It gets brought up in some of the ship articles but it's difficult to really show pictures of and elaborate on to people who aren't already playing the game at a higher level, at which point they don't really need the advice. Plus codifying the minute (but occasionally important!) small differences in arc geometries would be a relatively labor-intensive undertaking that doesn't seem like it would have an equivalent payoff.

      So in short, you're not wrong that it can be important but I'm not sure we'll ever do an article about it.