This is kind of a catch-all place for articles that are commenting on a moment in time and may not age well with subsequent erratas, meta changes, or releases. Still, it seems good to be able to find them if you were so interested. They're posted in chronological order (oldest on top, newest on the bottom).

Does Yavaris need a nerf? 10/30/2017
Flotilla-spam and what to do about it 1/31/2018
Why do Hera and Han cost so much?  2/19/2018
Training Montages and You!  4/1/2018
Where Do We Go, and Why Do We Fight 5/19/2018
Eric's post-Worlds wave 7-ish thoughts 6/12/2018
Eric's post-Gencon thoughts 8/15/2018
Worlds 2019 data and analysis 4/8/2019
GenCon 2019 data and analysis 8/13/2019
1.5 ship points cost change considerations 1/15/2021
1.5 squadron points cost change considerations 1/22/2021

2.0 musing

Cannot Get Your Seeds Out April Fool's Day 2019 guide to vegetable gardening
Cannot Get Your Shoes Out April Fool's Day 2019 guide to running

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