Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cool Games You Should Own: Marvel Champions

Now that we're completely caught up on everything and I have some down time thanks to Snowpocalypse Round Whatever It Is I'm Tired Of Counting, I wanted to get a little board game recommendations section going here on Cannot Get Your Ship Out, using the same acronym: Cool Games You Should Own (because I'm extra like that). John and I play a number of board games and while there's some overlap between the board gaming and minis gaming communities, I find I'm frequently the guy who recommends board games to Armada players I know and it seemed fun to make this more of a regular side feature for our readers. I want to underline and bold this will always be an Armada blog and that's our main project, but it's fun to play other games too. So let's dive in with a game we've been playing a lot lately: Marvel Champions.

The Avengers are the only thing stopping Thanos and Ultron from finally kissing. Who will win: Thantron stans or imaginary strong people in battle spanx?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Interdictor update

Minor update to the Interdictor article with two little additions:

1) I make it explicitly clear that you really shouldn't bring more than one Interdictor in a 400 point game. Really. It's an expensive somewhat pillow-fisted support ship. You need the rest of your fleet to make up for it being offensively mediocre.

2) I added a Back Atcha Buddy build for the Suppression Refit, inspired by my buddy Jack's success with it in a recent tournament. It's a fun little unexpectedly potent salvo build for our favorite little tech triangle.