Sunday, March 26, 2017

Adepticon Sunday!

Shorter update on this one as I'm beat:

John and I and 4 other Fair Game participants arrived this morning around 9:30 to get our Armada on at Adepticon. Of the 20 participants, we made up 30% - pretty good! I still feel a bit weird about two-round events, but we had a good time.

Here's some pictures!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday Adepticon

So as I mentioned yesterday, John and I participated in the two-round Adepticon tournament on Friday. We started at 3:30PM and got done at 9:15PM and back home (John's crashing at my place for the weekend as I live a 30 minute drive closer to the event than he does) by around 10 and then collapsed. So sorry for a short delay. First things first, I won the event! I talked about how two-round events are a bit weird and I still feel that way, but it always feels good to do well. Still a kind of weird format, but I get why it is that way - Armada tournaments of 3 rounds (and sometimes 4) take up a lot of time and many Adepticon attendees want to play other games too. Therefore a shorter format makes sense.

I swear these things are simultaneously the coolest and goofiest things I own. Servo skull medal the size of your fist? SURE!

Friday, March 24, 2017

To Adepticon!

Today is the first day of Armada events at Adepticon (the second day is Sunday). This year, FFG is doing two "mini-tournaments" of two rounds each. With only two rounds I'm thinking of it more as a "casual play plus" event, where FFG hands out fun prizes at the end, but it's short enough for luck to have a very big role in who wins so I'm not taking it too seriously. Sure I'm planning on doing my best, but I hope to not sweat it too much. Even in a 3-round event, good luck can help a lot, but let's not get too much into that shall we?

For example, just look at this amazing yet goofy thing the author won for taking first in the 3-round event last year. And no, I'm not wearing it to Adepticon. I'm not that guy, haha.

Adepticon is a huge (and I mean HUGE) miniature gaming convention held once a year in Chicagoland. Minis games big, small, inbetween, and not-even-actually-released-yet-but-won't-you-please-demo-our-game-and-back-it-on-Kickstarter are present. There's tons to see and do and the vendor hall is always fun just as the crystal brush entries are always extremely impressive. Highly recommended for anyone who can make it and you don't even need to buy a badge if all you want to do is wander about, buy something, and look at neat stuff.

Anyways, John and I will be heading to Adepticon in a couple of hours and I'd expect several posts about our experiences to pop up over the next few days. If you'll also be at Adepticon, maybe we'll see one another there!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Armada wave 6 spoilers!

Hoo boy, this is exciting! Our first Armada wave spoiler as a blog! We interrupt your objective coverage and squadron articles to bring you this spoiler article!

Get hype!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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