Saturday, December 23, 2017

With MULTIPLE Apologies to Clement Moore

'Twas the month before release date, when all through the pad
No one used Isard, because she is bad;
Yeah, we're going there.  Enjoy the ride, kids!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Index changes

Nothing major, but we broke the "Armada basics" index out into separate sub-indices. The "basics" index was becoming where we kept basically everything that didn't fit into another category and was getting too large. Hopefully the more specific indices we have now will work a bit better.

I also removed the mailbox index because it was small and didn't really fulfill a purpose nowadays, given all the responses we've created based on reader questions are their own articles linked elsewhere. If you have any questions or want to see us cover something, please feel free to ask us wherever. I don't want the removal of the mailbox index to be construed as us no longer valuing your input!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

12/14 Updates

I updated the Assault Frigate article a little more.  Nothing of major note, but a few more bits about Gallant Haven and all.  I had already updated it BEFORE from running the Dodonna list for a bit.  It's still a good ship, and I'll need to update it again when Intensify Firepower actually comes out, but I'm going to wait until we see all the wave 7 stuff so I don't have to hit it several times.

Roll the chance cube: Armada, dice, and probability

Everything's perfect: your attack is set up just right, you've got the enemy ship dead to rights. The dice roll is just a formality. Here come the dice, and... crap.

At least you won a young Jake Lloyd as a consolation prize?
Dice can and will betray you in any game that utilizes them. On the other hand, they add an element of excitement and vary the play experience. What to expect from them and how far to push them can take some getting used to, and this article aims to further explore that element of Armada.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12/13 Updates!

Based on my Regionals experience, I updated the E-wings article and the Corran part.  Relevant update below:
Corran works really great at killing enemy squadrons trying to occupy your bombers.  You want to be using him to wipe out enemy squadrons as much as possible, especially with his sniping ability.  With Rogue and speed 4, you're able to get to almost anywhere you need to (stay within 3 of Toryn) while still being able to snipe the distance.  He's a Red dice bomber, which isn't BAD, but using his ability to finish off opposing squadrons first (that are stopping your other bombers from doing the job they want to do) is a better use of his ability.

I also will fully admit that I wouldn't have placed 4th at the Michigan Regionals if I hadn't taken the Roquax "Adar Tallon and Corran" combo.  Adar activates, sends Corran out to go Snipe something.  When the squadron phase happens, Corran can then run back to safety/near Adar Tallon if needed to be launched again next turn.  Or he can Snipe another squadron or shoot whatever's engaging him.  As I said a paragraph ago, stay near Toryn in case your blue dice don't roll that well.

As for when I'm getting to the Assault Frigate update? Uhh, soon.  I need to clarify how I really feel about it, but I've got an oil change for my car scheduled for Friday, so expect some blathering then.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

John's Regionals Wrap-Up 2! Games and Lessons Learned!

So, we had a list.  And we had driven 5 hours from Chicago to Livonia and we were ready for a game.... or 4.  Let's get this recap going!
When in doubt, add more B-wings

Sunday, December 10, 2017

John's Regionals Wrap-Up! Part 1: The Build

"I can't believe you didn't post your list before the tournament this time!"

That was a comment (or a variation on it) a few people said to me Saturday up in Michigan (for those of you who DIDN'T recognize me on sight, I was the guy wearing the sweater and tie.  I don't have much daily opportunity to look sharp so I take every chance I can) and I can understand the sympathy.  Usually I'm all about posting the "Here's what I'm bringing today!" but I hit a slight problem with that: I didn't know what I was bringing until Friday morning, the day before the Regionals.  I present this tale to explain how I ended up getting the list I had put together and why I ran what I ran; not intending to copy any specific list or anything, just what I learned from a month or so of testing and playing.  Hit the jump for the story of this list generation!
Say hello to my lumpy friend!