Saturday, December 16, 2017

Index changes

Nothing major, but we broke the "Armada basics" index out into separate sub-indices. The "basics" index was becoming where we kept basically everything that didn't fit into another category and was getting too large. Hopefully the more specific indices we have now will work a bit better.

I also removed the mailbox index because it was small and didn't really fulfill a purpose nowadays, given all the responses we've created based on reader questions are their own articles linked elsewhere. If you have any questions or want to see us cover something, please feel free to ask us wherever. I don't want the removal of the mailbox index to be construed as us no longer valuing your input!


  1. Hi guys,

    thanks a lot again for your awesome blog. I have carefully written all the tips and strategies you've spoken about on many many sheets of paper, and also did my best to use it on the real battlefield. My goal is to really enjoy Armada. But I lack something.

    Let me explain : maybe it is related to my local meta, or maybe I am not understanding the true essence of that game, but I constantly feel that my opponent is running away from me. Especially if I am first player. It is really frustrating to constantly chase some ship that doesn't want to battle. So, sometimes I was just deploying really far away from my opponent as a response in other games, and trying to loot objective points to force him to come, but my opponent once said that I should attack him... (and I was second player).

    Could you please give me any simple advice to handle that ? What is a normal game ? How can I give my opponent incentive to attack and be sure that the gam e is well played, kind of fair-play ?

    Sorry if I am not really clear...

    1. You're welcome!

      If you're second player and you're farming objective points, it's the first player's responsibility to stop you from winning the game. If he doesn't take that responsibility seriously and tries to nag you into getting out of position to come after him, don't. If he still doesn't come after you and avoids you, it's going to be a boring game, but it's going to be a boring game you handily win and hopefully it teaches your opponent a lesson and he'll be more aggressive next time.

      It sounds like you might also be deploying too far away from one another. Sometimes you can argue for that (especially with fast flanking ships), but generally that can create non-games if both of you are cagey and you're using slower fleets.

      Otherwise, if it's an issue of a faster opponent ship dancing away from you while throwing dice (say, like a CR90) and you just can't catch it, you can remedy that by using a faster ship or two of your own if your fleet is otherwise slower and/or more ponderous.

  2. Hi guys! Do XX-9 and APT cooperate well? I mean, can I deal 3 face up damage cards somehow?

    1. They don't cooperate because you can only choose one critical effect to resolve per attack (even if your entire attack pool is nothing but critical icons). There is a weapon team that allows for resolving two, the Fire-Control Team, but even then the APT and XX-9 combination is a little weird because the APTs will deal the first face-up damage card right through the shields and so the XX-9s will already have one of their two damage cards spoken for, meaning all they'll do is allow for one extra face-up card after the APTs.