Friday, December 28, 2018

John Updates 12/28

Minor notes: I updated the CR90 article with some basic bits about the Ion upgrades, and I updated very barely the Squadrons Encyclopedia 1 article with terminology and such in there.  More to come on that all, of course.  But for now, hey look, updates!

I also hit the MC75 (some Caitken and Shollan improvements and shamelessly stealing JJ's Vassal World Cup MC75 build), and I added in C&S to the AF and the MC30 articles

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fighting Fleets: Tackling Two-Ship!

As I'm sure several people are aware, it's Regionals season.  And so many of you are trekking towards your stores, getting ready to play games and win you some shiny new stuff.  Nebs, candy dice, or even a fancy pants trophy medal thing.
I must have it, no matter WHAT Nathan Coda plans on doing to stop me (jokes 7 people in my local meta will get)!
But if there's one thing that all of our readers should be aware of and what it can do, it's the new hotness that is Imperial 2-ship.  Take a look with me as I do a quick dive into this list so you don't immediately lose to it.