Sunday, November 13, 2022

GAR and CIS Starters!

In the realm of "better late than never", I decided to craft a post for the GAR and CIS beginner player, for how to get into the game for Under $250, just like the previous Rebel and Imperial articles.  This article has the benefit of both coming as a result of those AND allows me to make some edits and thoughts based on what I've learned from those articles, AND we're able to combine those articles into a way of "what should I run as a starter fleet with this faction?" I ran into this instance last week myself, as we had a new guy who I had to cobble a fleet together for him on the fly, and I'd prefer not needing to do THAT anymore! Onwards with the article!

Kelorn Day 2! Return of the Guest Post!

geek again, letting Kelorn take the wheel ONE MORE TIME! Enjoy the AAR, I'm working on another article myself currently....

Kelorn Guest Post Golden State Games (part 1)!

Hey, we still exist! And we have a guest post from Kelorn about his weekend at Golden State Games! I'll just let him hit everything after the jump, enjoy!