Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8/29 updates

Found myself with a lot of spare time today, so I did a lot of blog-updating administrative work.

The Admiral Ozzel, Intro to objective selection, Wave one red objectives, Wave one yellow objectives, Wave one blue objectives, Gozanti Cruisers, fleet support upgrades, Bidding for initiative, Bidding for initiative 2: fleet examples, The attack sequence and you!, The basics of fleet building, and General Tagge articles have all been updated today. Nothing major - mostly hyperlinks were added to link to other articles that were produced later and were relevant, text was cleared up, some additions were made account for new meta situations (particularly regarding Sloane and the Quasar on the Imperial side) and some tweaks to Tagge's article post-TRC nerf, which has made him even worse, sadly 😞.

Slowly but surely everything is being brought up to date. It's not so much wave 6 causing major changes in the content of articles so much as the formatting of articles and the existence of lots of new reference points in the blog that were created after our earlier articles but didn't exist at the time of writing for older articles. Revisions in the future once I'm caught up should be much simpler for articles that don't need major content updates.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Update to Squadrons Encyclopedia 4 Large Fighter coverage Imperial segment

As I made my way through older articles, I found a lot of the information about Imperial squadron-building and carrier ships was outdated in our old LFC article and needed a pretty substantial overhaul due to Sloane-shaped changes in the meta and a Quasar-sized hole in the carrier ships section (what a difference one wave and a Rhymer errata makes!). With that said, the majority of the Imperial section of the article has been written anew. Here is the new section separated out:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

8/22 updates

The YV-666, Firespray-31, Darth Vader (commander), Armada 101: Working your way up from starter box games tips and reminders, Squadrons Encyclopedia 2 Light Fighter Coverage Imperial Addendum, Imperial squadrons portion of the Squadrons Encyclopedia 3: Medium Fighter Coverage, Raider Corvette, and a small portion of the ISD article were all updated today (yes, it got updated once again). As before, it's mostly text clean up and some editing. I tried to cut down on repetition in the longer articles and mentioned a few wave 6 improvements in the Raider article (specifically Disposable Capacitors and a possible build for a Raider-II utilizing it, the wonders of External Racks were already integrated into that article earlier).

The main change in the ISD article is I changed my stance on Quad Battery Turrets and there's an argument for them on ISD-IIs (thanks to Giled Pallaeon for changing my mind on this one). Ships going faster than the ISD are the ones likely to slip past your front arc. They either get to eat extra blue dice or they are going slow enough to likely not escape your front arc. Either way, win-win.

Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21 updates

The Gladiator, ordnance upgrades, Jumpmaster, Aggressor Assault Fighter, and Imperial Star Destroyer articles were all updated today. As before, in most cases it was minor editing and adding hyperlinks.

The ISD article now includes an aside on Sloane - specifically in combination with the Avenger title. The Avenger also makes note of Boarding Troopers for the same reason, and a Boarding Troopers build is included in the ISD-I builds section.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rebel Updates!

In the realm of updating articles just like Eric did, I hit all the Rebel fighters articles myself.  Mostly updating links (how MANY times can I reference Toryn Farr? ALL OF THEM!) and linking in upgrades (Expanded Hangar Bays or Fighter Coordination Team, usually) or Commanders (Sato and Rieekan were my 2 most referenced.  Considering I had so MANY aces, Rieekan makes sense, of course.)

Not a whole lot to say on that, but I do plan on hitting the last of the checklist articles very soon.  I'm quite close on grokking Leia, and soon after hopefully the Hammerhead (that's.... not as easy/fast, haha).  I've been having a lot of good experiences with my Leia list, and I may even develop it into a plan for Fall Regionals.  Eric and I have a store tournament the first weekend in September, so you can expect my Leia article soon after that (when I bring her to THAT, I bet).

Anyways, squadrons are updated as of now.  I read over the Nebulon article today too, and I have nothing substantial to add to that as of right now, either.  Keep on keeping on, I suppose!

More updates 8/20/2017

The TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, Admiral Motti, Admiral Screed, Faction breakdown, Grand Moff Tarkin, Victory-class Star Destroyer, and Offensive retrofit articles have all been updated.

For the most part, I added hyperlinks to other relevant articles and did some minor to moderate text editing to make points clearer, fixed the rare typo, and removed any ambiguity left over from anything prior to the errata we received two months ago (particularly relating to Rhymer, who keeps popping up in all kinds of places I didn't expect him to be). Nothing major.

The VSD and offensive retrofit articles had some more substantial changes:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

TIE Squadrons updates

Minor update:
I've updated the TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter aces, and TIE Advanced articles. Nothing major beyond creating hyperlinks where there used to be none and minor editing to make wording clearer, but it's done and the articles now look less old and more like something we'd be creating now. This should be going on intermittently as we catch everything up to wave 6.

Planning to get the offensive retrofits article updated to include the Disposable Capacitors soon, and then hopefully a Quasar article as well.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Gencon stuff and Star Wars: Legion

Unfortunately not much information about Armada from FFG other than "something big is coming," which can mean a lot. Super Star Destroyer? Huge wave 7? Another campaign? Armada 2.0? Who knows.

However, please enjoy these sweet pics of Star Wars: Legion, the upcoming FFG ground skirmish minis wargame.

Edit: and the official article just came up!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Updates and an Update!

So quick updates for some articles and the state of the blog.

I updated the Turbolasers article to include Quad Battery Turrets (Spoiler: I like them on certain ships.  This is quite shocking, I know) and some more thoughts on Quad Turbolaser Cannons (it was a quad-tastic kinda day, and I'm still dumb enough to think they're going to be useful for me soon.  In my super small ship meta, they kinda might be?)

I also updated the Nebulon article, but I will likely go back and revisit it some this weekend to put a few finishing touches on it until I'm much more happy with it. However, I didn't want it to go unmentioned in case someone asks "Hey, when are you putting QBT in the Nebulon article?" (Today.)

As of right NOW, Eric and I have a few irons in the fire.  I've still got to finish my checklist series (I haven't forgotten, I promise!) and Eric has a few things he wants to write about as well.  I've got an idea or two to hop onto after that, as well.  We're going back and updating the old articles as they have some stuff that needs to be hit and adjusted (I still had a few things in the Neb article about using TRCs twice in one turn, comma, sigh).

But where's the new articles, you ask? I promise that it's not a matter of life getting in the way (well, mostly, I did get a new job and have been running copious amounts of mileage for the Chicago Marathon), but it's a matter of trying to figure out what to write.  I lucked out in that "all" I have to do is figure out how to use Hammerheads; Eric has to learn a Quasar, see how DCaps affect a VSD-II, if they're worth it on other things, and we both need to learn our new Commanders.  I like Leia, though i can't claim I know what I'm doing with her fully yet (I AM having fun though!).  So we're both kind of in a holding pattern of trying to figure out what to write about.  We'd both rather have GOOD information out to you guys rather than FAST information that needs to be corrected, so the "How to Hammerhead" article is not necessarily going to be tomorrow, but I'm hoping it IS soon.  I need a few more games before I'm comfortable writing about them and how to use them.  Wave 6 shook up our meta and our playstyles, and that's a good thing.  We'll get more stuff out soon, promise.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fleet deployment

I've been putting it off for a while trying to figure out exactly how to write about this huge subject, but the time has come for the fleet deployment article!

Spoilers: it's gonna be a bad time for everything you can see in this picture.