Friday, April 16, 2021

Public service announcement: list and ship build critiques and upcoming wave 10

A short update and a request on behalf of John and me: please don't ask us to critique your ship builds or fleet lists. It's not that we don't care - honestly, we're flattered at how much trust the community has in us. It's that we just don't have the time to make it a thing we open the floodgates to in addition to running the blog, enjoying our other hobbies, and living our regular lives. There's also the practical matter of we need a lot of information to really make a good critique, such as how competitive your meta is, what types of fleets are popular, what models and upgrades you own, what the rest of your fleet is like, what types of things you're comfortable running at this point, etc. etc.

In short, we're flattered you trust us with your fleets but we don't reliably have the time to help. If you would like input on your fleet lists/ship builds, I'd recommend the Star Wars Armada subreddit, the Armada Facebook group, or the Steel Strategy discord server.

"I value you as a coworker, Fish Todd, but I'm not reviewing any more fleet lists for you. So please put that printout away and get back to work."

We do update our example ship builds in articles periodically: usually when some new upgrade has been released that shakes things up or we play with/against some options we previously hadn't considered and they're better than expected. That said, they are starting points that are fairly agnostic towards commander choice so I don't want anyone to consider them the absolute be-all end-all: please play around with your options and find something that works for you and your specific fleet!

In terms of wave 10 and the future here at CGYSO: we don't entirely know when everything is actually going to reach us. We've been getting lots of conflicting information on release dates so it's a big question mark at this point. Once we have the plastic spaceships in our grubby mitts we'll be releasing new articles like usual. We had a big backlog ready to go for wave 9 but it meant a flurry of activity here initially followed by a slow process of updating to version 1.5 across the blog. For wave 10 I expect we'll have regular updates here and there for around a month as we get caught up and then filling in some backlog due to new upgrades changing options from earlier.

As always, thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fighting Fleets: Obliterating Onagers!

I've been playing on Vassal a fair amount more than Eric, so I stepped up to write this one. The recent Italian TTS tournament had a swath of Onagers, dual and triples in fleets everywhere. Let it be known that I'm giving you a look. It is not a happy one. Let's talk about fighting wave 8's flattest boogeyman, the Onager!

There's a description for people who like running double onager fleets...

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Who's the Bossk Inaugural Tournament

Admiral Ackbar's eyes awoke with a start.  He had just gone to bed and here he was, suddenly on the bridge of an unfamiliar ship. In fact, this ship was so unfamiliar it appeared to be crewed entirely by.... robots? These looked to be Clone Wars vintage droids, when did the Rebellion get a stock of these....? Where was his first officer Walex, where had he ended up, what ship was this, WHAT WAS GOING ON???

His eyes glanced up, out the front viewport, and he saw something to make his fish blood run even colder. Across the distant space, it was a Super Star Destroyer. His 4 fish hearts sank, but he was an Admiral of the Rebellion. He had his duty and would do it, well, admirably.

"Officer!" he called. "Send everything we have at that ship. We'll send it to the bottom of the deep yet."


Dooku was not sure what was happening. One moment he was staring down his master along with a boy who had a hatred in his eyes that gazed at Dooku like he was nothing more than a speck of sand, the next he was onboard a different ship entirely.  The walls had shifted and the Jedi had disappeared. In their place he saw hundreds of.... clones? Their helmets seemed different. And the officers on this ship were all human, including the 2 making out in the corner*.

"Sir, the enemy ships are approaching in attack formation omicron, should we engage?" The nervous looking man looked evasive and generally apologetic, but Dooku glanced out the viewport and saw what looked like 3 Munificents coming towards him. Why was he being attacked? Was this another part of Sidious's plans?

Their laser fire opening up steadied his resolve. No one destroys him or his ship, no matter WHO they thought they were. "Turn towards them and engage" he rasped. "Show them the true power of the dark side. And you two! Quit smooching!"


So, happy April Fool's Day, and welcome to the first (hopefully) annual CGYSO Who's The Bossk Tournament.  In the spirit of "March has been busy" and "the pandemic has made doing a lot of things I'd like to rather difficult at this moment", I'm throwing this together as an event Eric and I have often wanted to do, but haven't really had the time for.


You're going to make a (for almost all intents and purposes) legal 370-point list WITH NO COMMANDER from one faction. (Do not make a 400 point list with a 30 point commander and make me remove it (* I am aware that Minister Tua doesn't go on the SSD, but I needed an Imperial ship with 2 officer slots for the joke and reference, so you get this. Deal.)) Maximum 4 uniques TOTAL in your list (one per 100 points). Squads, titles, officers, time to figure out what makes the cut!

We're going to play a 3-round tournament and each round I will spin a wheel (wheel under construction/theft from Pat Sajak) that will have a commander on it. You will be randomly assigned said commander and use him/her/it to play a game against your opponent under the same restrictions. You might get Ackbar for your Munificents! You might get Sloane for your Clams and ARC-170s! End of 3 rounds, best player wins.  And what do they win? Points towards the 2022 Vassal World Cup Qualification Thing!

When you submit your list, you will also describe it as one of our three archetypes: Big Heavy, Squads, or MSU. One of the rounds I will assign you a commander from that archetype; he/she/it will NOT be from your faction. (This is to ensure that I don't end up giving out Sloane 3 times to someone running squadronless. It's for fun, I'm not trying to be mean here).

Why a 30 point bid? Rough estimate of what each commander averages to. Whoever has the cheaper commander has initiative, so feel free to build to 370, it's not affecting the end point total you have. If you end up with a more expensive commander, congrats on slightly gaming the system and getting Vader or Ackbar or the Emperor himself for "30" points.

What commanders can I get? Anything legal as of tournament start.  Which, speaking of, will be April 16th (convenient, isnt it), so you have 2 weeks to get your lists into me.  Each round will take roughly one week, with the standard caveats of "schedule your games, don't make me give someone an 8-0 for not showing up." Play on Vassal, play on TTS, play in your garage if you can get your opponent there...(default is Vassal).  There IS a special category of "The Garbage Will Do" for 5 commanders (Mothma, Cracken, Tagge, Kon, and ONE CLONE COMMANDER NOT REVEALED YET).  Not because they're garbage, but because they're so specifically related to your fleet construction that if you spin into this one you'll get your choice of options (assuming not your faction).  I'm not going to make someone running a 5 hardcell fleet play Konstantine, who does LITERALLY nothing for them. 

There may be some special bonuses showing up (Choose the commander? All Ackbar all the time?) but those will be revealed as things happen and based off your fleet submission answers. Click on the link below and let's find out together who the real Bossk is.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cool Games You Should Own: Marvel Champions

Now that we're completely caught up on everything and I have some down time thanks to Snowpocalypse Round Whatever It Is I'm Tired Of Counting, I wanted to get a little board game recommendations section going here on Cannot Get Your Ship Out, using the same acronym: Cool Games You Should Own (because I'm extra like that). John and I play a number of board games and while there's some overlap between the board gaming and minis gaming communities, I find I'm frequently the guy who recommends board games to Armada players I know and it seemed fun to make this more of a regular side feature for our readers. I want to underline and bold this will always be an Armada blog and that's our main project, but it's fun to play other games too. So let's dive in with a game we've been playing a lot lately: Marvel Champions.

The Avengers are the only thing stopping Thanos and Ultron from finally kissing. Who will win: Thantron stans or imaginary strong people in battle spanx?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Interdictor update

Minor update to the Interdictor article with two little additions:

1) I make it explicitly clear that you really shouldn't bring more than one Interdictor in a 400 point game. Really. It's an expensive somewhat pillow-fisted support ship. You need the rest of your fleet to make up for it being offensively mediocre.

2) I added a Back Atcha Buddy build for the Suppression Refit, inspired by my buddy Jack's success with it in a recent tournament. It's a fun little unexpectedly potent salvo build for our favorite little tech triangle.

Imperial ship review: Interdictor cruiser

We've made it to wave 4! I mean to be fair, waves 3 and 4 are basically the exact same wave because they came out together, but... technically it's wave 4!

Oh hello there, I didn't notice you getting choke-slammed out of hyperspace!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CGYSO turns 4 years old and wave 10 articles

 Four years ago we started CGYSO. Neat, huh?

Just in case you missed it, FFG released some very entry-level teaser articles for wave 10 yesterday:

We used to do hot take articles about things like this but then we became playtesters and we worry about accidentally tipping our hands too much and violating our NDAs. So links will have to do with two notes:

  1. The Recusant arcs are super weird.
  2. There was a price increase. Large ships $65, the Pelta at $40.
There is much nerd rage about price increases. Nobody really enjoys paying more for anything but the fact is they were quite likely overdue. I wouldn't be surprised to see AMG increase costs similar across the entire model line once they're officially at the helm after wave 10.

Friday, January 22, 2021

1.5 conjecture on squadron points changes

Okay so I'm back with the squadrons companion article to the earlier ship article. In short: we're likely to see points changes to ships and squadrons much like X-Wing and Legion have done and I'm making recommendations.

Friday, January 15, 2021

1.5 conjecture on ship points changes

Given we just caught up to 1.5 compliance in our articles (we were pretty meticulous but if you find something we missed hiding somewhere, please comment and let us know so we can fix it) and we're all caught up on Clone Wars content for now, things have quieted down a bit. Once it's safe to play some board games again I may well do a side project of discussing board games I like and would recommend but clearly that would never be the focus of CGYSO ever. We're here for Armada.

That said, it's been a little while since I did a straightforward opinion piece, and I wanted to discuss kinda where we're at and what's next.

"Somebody dropped a cherry in my jello salad and nobody is leaving this room until I know who it was!"

Sunday, January 10, 2021

john 1/10 Updates

I finished my updates, having gone through LITERALLY every previous article I wrote!

Raddus - links updated, minor clarification on points.  I pulled out the bit saying "bring a HWK in your Rapid Launch Bays plan" since that doesnt work anymore.  You likely shouldnt use RLB anyways, but to each their own.

MC75 - links, some suggested build points changes and upgrade choices.

Painting article - updates, phrasing, correctly numbering things. I have plans for a "painting squadrons article" but gimme a bit on that. soon though.  And likely Clone Wars content!

Agate - links; no major updates on her.

Starhawk - links, builds, choices. Amity is more worth it now, that's for sure.

Vassal/TTS? choice article - minor formatting

entire RitR article series - no real updates; I edited some bits of the fleet building article to clarify the 2 unique squadrons per 200/250 point games bit.

What's next for me? Well, Vassal World Cup starts tomorrow, so I'll be getting some games in there.  Unsurprisingly, I took a Leia list.  Comments and details after pod rounds and we see where I end up with it all.

RitR Finale: The Future of RitR

Let's wrap this all up with something lighter here and my thoughts on this whole experiment.

You know, end of the day, I had a good time in this movie. I need to go rewatch it.

Rebellion in the Rim PENULTIMA: The Undiscovered Country

This was supposed to be Biggs's article, but he's busy with life and schooling, so I voluntold him I would do it.

Apparently in this example, I'm Kylo? Rage rage rage

Hit the jump and let's get pivotal! (pivotal, pivotal in a Cyndi Lauper voice)

Rebellion in the Rim Article 9,058: Actually Fighting

Alright, time to pew pew those lasers into your opponent, and as we all know the best way to have fun is through rules and understanding of them!
See, he gets it
Just click through and read the article.....

Rebellion in the Rim 6 Special: It's Not Easy Playing Green

The green objectives are the only way of getting unique ANYTHING in RitR, and today we're talking about them all.  What they say, how they work, and how to play them well.  Are we green?

ReyLo in the Rim 5 - A Good Day To Play Hard

Another Biggs guest post below! See you all next article - John

Let's go through a simple turn.  Like most things in Armada, turn order is important, and we'll see that come into play especially in the Management Phase.

There will be a turn going on in italics that you can follow along with as we go through the steps.