Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Un-named Armada Podcast 41: waves 5 and 6 retrospection


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Highlander Format! Games Start July 24th!

After the success of Whos the Bossk, its time for another wacky BIG tournament! Hit the jump for the details on Highlander!

Send me a picture of you in this costume and I'll give you a dollar

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Eric updates 6/22

 Updated all the following Separatist articles now that wave 10 is completely done.:

  • Kraken. Overhauled a lot of the ships and fleetbuilding. He's still very flexible in terms of what you build with him but he definitely likes the Providence.
  • Admiral Trench. Added Nova Defiant Recusant.
  • General Grievous. Added Gilded Aegis Recusant.
  • Providence. Updated with Shu Mai.\

Minor upkeep for other articles (like the Hardcell and Munificent) where nothing major was changed, just a little word cleanup.

Separatist ship review: Providence-class Dreadnought

The first release of wave 10 (in the States anyways), the Providence-class Dreadnought offers the Separatists a dedicated multi-role flagship.

It also kinda looks like a long-necked turtle.
I can't be the only one who thinks it looks like a long-necked turtle, right?

A pair of Providence-class Dreadnoughts on the move.

I promise I'm done talking about turtles, but for real: it looks like a turtle.

Still not a fan of the new card layouts but we'll have some fun alternates below.

Separatist commander review: General Grievous

 General Grievous will be the first of our wave 10 commander reviews.

And he's already tired of listening to other people talking.

"So far no General Kenobi memes, things are looking up!"

Separatist commander review: Admiral Trench

Sorry for the delay on getting this article out - I've been busy with a massive garden upgrade project involving 150 cubic feet of soil, Mother's Day, and my wife's birthday. Not a lot of downtime to type out an article about Spider-Man Admiral Trench.

Fine, fine, have it your way.

Separatist commander review: Kraken

On to Separatist commander article number two: Kraken. I know I've got a good image around here somewhere...


Friday, June 18, 2021

Separatist commander review: TF-1726

I don't have a clever intro for TF-1726. He sure is a Star Wars character, all right.

Separatist requisitions department: "Yes, I want that Speak-and-Spell Ninja Turtles garbage can wearing a trucker hat that points at stuff."

Acclamator Ahoy!

The transport ship that launched the Clone Wars, the Acclamator is the GAR medium base, and it's going to be strongly prevalent throughout your lists for waves to come.

Begun, this article has

Clone Officers

The way you're going to distinguish your ships from one another, these specific clone officers all look so different from each other in how they interact that they.... wait, let me start again.  GAR Officers!

As soon as I figure out which one this is, you're in trouble.

GAR Specific Upgrades

With the advent of the new factions, we've decided to break apart our faction-specific upgrades into their own posts.  No sense having Rebel boarding teams clogging up the boarding teams article, especially for Eric to write about how he thinks of Cham, right? Enjoy the GAR specific (non-officer) upgrades below.

Git em, boys!

Pelta and Tarkin and Yularen OH MY!

So the GAR Pelta dropped today in the US. Along with a new Tarkin, Yularen, and some upgrade cards. Perhaps you'd like to read my thoughts on all of those?  I also updated the charger article yesterday (and Acclamator today) to pull a few links that weren't just bad versions of what the Pelta was doing (and update a few builds).

Anyways take a look!

catch all

Continuing on today, here's all the remaining GAR-based upgrades (which have been largely included into builds and the articles already; I'll do a quick review these upcoming weeks but I'm outta town tomorrow, so.... soon)

I also updated the charger builds and killed one of the ones that's been replaced entirely by the Pelta.

2 Pelta 2 Furious!

This is our second Pelta article, so prepare for the arrival of Ludacris and no Vin Diesel (apparently Vin wasn't part of the Republic). If you're looking for the REBEL PELTA, it's linked in that all-capitals bit right there. For the rest of us, set your wings to closed and hit the jump!

Gotta go..... well, speed 2 I guess.