Wednesday, February 6, 2019

2/2 Atlanta Regional recap: GiledPallaeon

This is our second Atlanta Regional recap, this time from GiledPallaeon, who took 5th place. John and I have collaborated with GP for some time about various Armada topics, especially fleet builds and the like, and I'm pleased to host him on the blog, sharing his experience at the Atlanta Regionals. Get comfy, because it's a long read! /Eric

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tips and tricks: forking

Mentioned briefly in the swatting swarms article, let's talk a bit more about forking.



2/2 Atlanta Regional Recap: Jack Otto

Quick Eric/editor note here: I extended the offer to some of my closer Armada acquaintances to share their Regionals experiences here on the blog. This is the first of them, from Jack Otto, one of our Fair Gamers who got into Armada as his first minis game ever about 2 years ago and has been plugging away at it ever since. He took 6th at the Atlanta Regional (out of 38 players) and I'm hecking proud of him. Good job, Jack! Back to Jack:

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Eric updates 2/3/2019

Quick updates to the Thrawn article (in light of the success of two ship), the VSD article (added discussion of the titles and some more hyperlinks, including the super-fun VSD-I flak boat build), and removed the flotillas section from the basic fleet building article in light of the flotilla nerf making flotilla removal no longer an extremely high priority.