Monday, September 21, 2020

2 million page views!

Quick update on a number of relatively minor things.

First of all, we hit 2 million page views yesterday!

Only the finest MS Paint circles and arrows for our readers.

When John and I started Cannot Get Your Ship Out back in January of 2017, we did so at the insistence of my wife (love you, dear) to get all of our advice in one place for our local new players. We are the designated "new guy welcome committee," given we are the most experienced players in our local meta and we were getting a little tired of saying the same thing over and over again when a new wave of players showed up, so why not put it all in a blog we could link to? We figured there might be some interest online as well so hey, let's see what will happen. 3½ years later, 2 million pageviews is success for our little plastic spaceships blog beyond what we could've imagined. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Secondly, as you've likely noticed, we haven't had many articles lately. We caught up on wave 8 pretty quickly after release and then local play slowed down due to COVID, as I imagine it has for most of you as well. We're still getting the occasional games in at home (while wearing masks because duh), but the pace has definitely slowed down. We're still here. We'll have the occasional Armada article, although right now we're mostly waiting for Clone Wars. I've been considering tacking on a board game reviews section, given John and I play a fair number of those pretty regularly, so we'll see. It wouldn't replace or compete with our Armada content so much as be a secondary thing we do through CGYSO when Armada articles have hit a slow patch, like right now.

Hopefully everyone is doing well!