Friday, June 29, 2018

Rebel Squad Pack II: A Re-Primer

So this is somewhat of a thinkpiece.....ish.  I'm not sure that I'm going to add it to the thinkpiece section, as this is about 4 specific squadrons more than anything else.  As everyone knows, I'm working on updating all my articles on the blog, as I have a fair amount that need some work in them (glances at Squadrons Encyclopedia, looks away askance).  But as I finished updating the basic squadrons article, I had a thought that may be worth exploring in some of my games (and potentially some of yours! Hence why I share!)
We're talking about these! Yes, you know of these!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

John Updates 6/25

It's been a bit, and I've been busy as those video games aren't going to play themselves....

I have now updated all the Rebel squadron articles (I added stuff in the Lancers article and less stuff in the E-wings article), and did some minor work on some of the others (included the Biggs FAQ in Rieekan, for instance, and added a bit about Adar Tallon helping pre-command Rogues).

Lancer Pursuit Craft
Z95 Headhunters

I'm currently hard at work (insert image of me slacking off and playing XCOM or dreaming up crazy new Leia lists and plans) on the "Running Squadronless" bit of the Squadrons Encyclopedia.  I need to update THOSE, too, but I'll likely hit some ships first. Followed by Commanders, then the squadron articles.  I'm aware the squadron articles need updates, especially in a Sloane world, but those take a fair amount of work to write.  I need to COMPLETELY redo the "Fighting 134 vs 134" one, just based on the fact that the Major Rhymer nerf effectively killed TIE Bombers.  Thrawn might be bringing them back, of course....  I promise I'm working on things, though, haha.

Apologies that I haven't really had any articles recently, just been.... lazy.  I don't have a good answer, sorry about that.  But it's not super easy to motivate yourself to update things when I'd rather write a new article instead.  Anyways, like I said, I AM working on running squadronless, so expect that one soon.  Writing the Squadron Pack II articles has made me reconsider things a bit there, so potentially expect a quick bit on that by the end of the week (Friday night if I'm very lucky, haha!)

Friday, June 15, 2018

But Oh, Those Summer Nights!

Yeah, I titled this after a Grease lyric.  Deal, haha.  The alternative title to this post is "John Needs to Learn to Shut His Stupid Mouth!" as I plan on updating you on the best time of year: Rex Manning Day Store Championship Season
I watched this movie recently.  It does NOT hold up and I strongly endorse you to avoid it like the PLAGUE

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Eric's post-Worlds wave 7-ish thoughts

So similar to John's more recent article, I wanted to get my thoughts down in one place about some things that have been kind of bouncing around in my brain since Worlds.You'll probably note that John and I have been thinking/talking about some of the same things. I also suspect I'll say something others won't agree with 100%, so be aware this is going to be more contentious than my usual articles are.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

John Article Updates

Updated as of 6/3

X-wing (clarity, mainly, but I also separated the aces into their own paragraphs)
Y-wing (clarity as well)
A-wing (clarity)
B-wing (clarity)
HWK-290s (clarity)
Scurrgs (clarity)

I added a "How to Use Them" section to everything but the X-wing (as it already had it!), just to try making them a little more helpful.  I've been busy, but I'm working on these all.  I'm finishing up the other squadrons, but felt I could stand to get this all out now.  Minor wording changes, etc.

The YT1300 needs an overhaul, the YT2400 needs me to have time to look at it, and and then I've got the OTHER squadrons, too.  And the ships, commanders, etc.....

I'm working on them all I swear!