Friday, June 15, 2018

But Oh, Those Summer Nights!

Yeah, I titled this after a Grease lyric.  Deal, haha.  The alternative title to this post is "John Needs to Learn to Shut His Stupid Mouth!" as I plan on updating you on the best time of year: Rex Manning Day Store Championship Season
I watched this movie recently.  It does NOT hold up and I strongly endorse you to avoid it like the PLAGUE
So as our friends over at Steel Squadron pointed out recently, they fully advocate using the "bad/janky" commanders to play in Store Championships, in order to have fun/win with them.  But I'd like to update everyone about what I've signed up for and what that means for my articles here on CGYSO.

I've been a Leia fanboy for a while now.  I've had good times with her and my Commander's Corner about her is basically me defending her for about 5000 words (give or take) against the proverbial "haterz." At Worlds I met several Internet friends, who were definitely expecting me to show up with a Leia list and prove everyone wrong! All those doubters, their doubts proven false! It was going to be great!

Then I ran into Nick Litrenta's Double ISD list while practicing.  Repeatedly, as he and I were available to play games against each other more often than not.  Since Nick doesn't have his own blog, lemme give some quick deets on his usage of that list and how he came by it and why it screwed my Leia list.
Apparently today is old movie joke day.
So Nick first started playing Dual ISD when Wave 7 arrived, and he improved with it enough to bring it to Adepticon and placed well with it, getting top (non-Eric) Imperial on Saturday with it.  He eventually took it to World's and got third place with it, getting one of those fancy medals and getting me and the rest of Fair Game quite jealous, haha.
Those grapes were sour anyways, and it's a dumb medal!
But Nick went up against me a few weeks before Worlds with my various Leia lists and I lost. Badly.  0-4 that night, I lost all 4 games (in my defense, I scooped one of them when I accidentally ran Leia off the board).  The incarnation at that time couldn't handle Dual ISD, and I had to put it away in case I DID run up against it at Worlds.  This IS what led to my Ackbar list that went pretty well, and I'm sure glad I did.  My Leia list at the time wasn't built optimally (it totally is now, I can handle Dual ISD, I fixed it!)
So I received some ribbing from a few of the Armada community members.  Specifically, the entirety of Steel Squadron and Caribbean Ninja from Atlanta.  He's the guy I'm sitting next to while drinking when they're showing the Worlds streaming finals.  So, I, in a fit of wisdom, somehow agreed to a bet with the following terms.
  1. If I can bring Leia to GenCon AND win GenCon with her, Ninja has to play 3 tournaments in Atlanta with her as his commander.
  2. If I can beat shmitty, period, at GenCon, he will write an article for Steel Squadron detailing how Leia is actually good and his earlier opinion was "wrong."
  3. If I lose to shmitty/don't win GenCon, I suffer no penalty, as "playing Leia is punishment enough."
The haters! They return!
So, that's real cool and all, but why am I posting this? Well, to let everyone know that while I will be attending some store championships in July (2 right now, I believe), I won't be posting my list or a super detailed wrap-up of them in my games.  My super secret Leia tech (#8Lancers, start it trending on twitter, kids!) needs to stay super secret until I'm happy with it and so that no one starts teching AGAINST my.... 8 Lancers.  I WILL be writing up GenCon and the shmitty battle, presumably, but I won't be doing many great "Store Championship write-ups" until August, when... I think i have another 1-2 there, haha.

So, apologies in advance for the lack of details and write-ups of my Store Championships, but think of it this way.  I'm doing this to prove them wrong.  Prove them ALL WRONG!
I was going to use a mad scientist gif, but this seemed more appropriate

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