Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Even Hotter Takes Than Steel Squadron's!

FFG demoed some Rebellion in the Rim earlier today and spoiled a few cards. Gotta get them clicks somehow, right?  Hit the jump so we can go so far overboard that we make THAT OTHER WEBSITE (who I certainly didn't just steal their pictures from, thanks bros) seem sensible and reasoned!
Me all day today

Monday, July 8, 2019

Chicagoland Armada tournament for charity 11/9/2019!

Putting this one up here in case any of our readers are close enough or would like to come out and play with us.

In short, one of the guys who is involved in X-Wing's Gold Squadron podcast/group, Ron Longhi, is hosting his second annual big games extravaganza in a local moose lodge, and Armada will once again have a tournament (it's a casual tournament, so it will be TOed by yours truly, who will also be playing). The event itself is like a relaxed Adepticon: you get to play plastic spaceships, drink beer, and order food like hamburgers and hot dogs and the like while you play (and it gets brought to your table!). It was a lot of fun last year and this year it should be even bigger. Plus it's a charity tournament with the proceeds going to the local Boy Scouts.

Prizes are TBA at this point, but I'm Ron-authorized to tell you that participation prizes will be acrylic versions of the 6 obstacles that come in the core set and an alt-art squadron, with more prizes going to players who place well at the tournament.

If that sounds swell to you, go on over and register for the tournament! Hopefully we will see you there Saturday November 9th.