Thursday, February 11, 2021

Interdictor update

Minor update to the Interdictor article with two little additions:

1) I make it explicitly clear that you really shouldn't bring more than one Interdictor in a 400 point game. Really. It's an expensive somewhat pillow-fisted support ship. You need the rest of your fleet to make up for it being offensively mediocre.

2) I added a Back Atcha Buddy build for the Suppression Refit, inspired by my buddy Jack's success with it in a recent tournament. It's a fun little unexpectedly potent salvo build for our favorite little tech triangle.


  1. Interesting comment about avoiding double-Interdictor lists. I counter with:

    Obviously a very specific list and objectives that probably shouldn't muddy the waters of the article. But... it happened!

    1. It happened, yes. Plus we know the Ion Radio guys - Jon plays with us at Fair Game, actually. Those Interdictors were good at not dying but not so hot at killing things, it seems. Which is pretty much why I don't recommend multiple Interdictors for most people.

  2. Back at you buddy is awesome been using it for a few weeks. It has confirmed my belief in the fact that sw7 is a staple on the interdictor. Only downside is that once everyone knows what the salvo does with sw7 plus IF they are gonna eat 3 damage they stop targeting the damn thing.