Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rebel Providence!

 The Providence! Some sort of classy opener that I didn't just recycle from an earlier post here!

My original idea was to just take a screenshot of Eric's article itself....
As always the card, we start with the card.
The card art, much like many aspects of the ship itself, is recycled.  Still pretty, though.

Helpful bullet points!
Let's use them to describe the ship itself, in a manner consistent with an old article of Eric's I salvaged but am writing myself because this ship is its own thing entirely METAPHOR ALERT.

  • Similar dice and arcs to the regular Providence Carrier, with the 5-3-2 shields appearing as well, along with the command 3 and engineering 4.
  • However, you have Squadron 2.  Just as good as a GR75 for 77 points more! This is the low end of a squad value for a Rebel large.
  • 95 point cost puts you in Liberty-class levels, combined with an upgrade bar that screams "guess where your points are going?"
  • Two officers! Two weapons teams! Two offensive retrofits! Two support teams! It's screaming for them!
  • Squishy Providence side arcs! Three shields is not amazing with that large a ground to cover and one redirect!
  • Unique! One Providence period in your Rebel lists! One of them! Don't even get me started on RitR campaigns!  Definitely unrelated to my memory of those rules! And ix-nay on the wishing for more wishes, pal!
  • A phenomenal token suite; they swapped out a base contain from the Providence and turned it into an evade.  Mothma is..... probably still not a great call!
  • A nav chart that can be described as "existent" at best.  It's Acclamator-tastic!
This ship is designed as old, clunky, beatdown, and one of the building blocks for your Rebel combo engine.  It's been pulled from the scrap heap and ready to join the Demolition Derby at the county fair.

Ladies and gentlemen start your speed 2 engines!
I specifically said demolition derby because we who are about to die salute you, Caesar.  This ship is a wacky fun puzzle that will let you fill in a bunch of combos, and very relatively you can keep it cheap (in a manner of speaking) so that when it DOES die it'll have put in significantly more work than you'd expect out of those points.  There's often talk about bringing X or Y ship naked (I've done it with Chargers in GAR, CR90s in Rebels) but this one should be focused on how to get some weird combinations going, which means upgrades in your build.

How to fly and use!
This is going to be a swath of meandering, to which I apologize.  How you use this ship and fly it applies directly to what upgrades you have on it.  At speed 2 and (gestures) that nav chart, you're going to want to navigate with it to get where you need to go.  Since you have 2 slots, you're going to more than likely use one of them on Engine Techs, which means you're also going to need to be navigating to USE Engine Techs.  And then we get to more upgrades, and and and and.  The turns you're not using Engine Techs, you need to know what command you ARE doing and why/how that helps keep you alive.  Without a defensive retrofit, you're either going to be counting on Agate (admiral), repair commands (other commanders, especially Sato?), or arc dodging (Raddus bomb).  Much like a regular Providence though, getting in close and using all your dice is the dream.  Just get there, first.  Everything you do should be either working towards getting into close or helping your damage spike when you get there.

The main thing about the nav chart that I actually DO like is that the click is in the first joint, which means I can do a 2-0 hard turn to the left or right if needed, which allows you to both compensate for a bad deployment or something unexpected from your opponent. Or allow you to pivot mid-match as well.  Hey look a picture!
The rightward turn looks, as you can imagine, quite similar! This is post Engine Techs of  course.

In my opinion, the three main roles for the ship are Super Carrier (use squads to do most of the damage and use the Providence to enhance that aspect), Damage Dealer (upgrades built to ensure you're doing the most and best damage out of the ship that you can), or the completely untested but sure why not Command Ship (help the rest of your fleet do well at its job while contributing TOO!)

The ship itself and upgrades!
So the choices you make here are going to define you for the rest of your life to impact how the ship does whatever you're putting it in here to do.  There's a lot of interesting combos, and depending on the role you have for the ship will determine either what you're bringing or what you're doing.  Let's break these each down.

See it's the command center where you can have all sorts of officers! My jokes are great, shush.

The one officer I would almost staple to the Prov is Raymus Antilles.  Getting to do a command now and then a baby version later that also triggers the upgrade that needs a command resolution TO trigger it (Engine TechsProjection Experts) or a dial/token to discard for it (boarding team of choice) is really helpful.  He isn't mandatory, but he's a WONDERFUL place to start for sure.  Otherwise there are several good options.  Wedge Antilles or Flight Commander help carriers out doing their job, Captain Rex will help you when you get in close, Ezra will clear any obstacles in front of your ship, Lando and Walex to compensate for your lack of a defensive retrofit.... these are all semi-obvious choices.  The only non-obvious choice I'll point out is that Agate (officer) isn't a bad call here, especially if you use her to refresh some of the defense tokens you have as you keep getting attacked.

Weapons Teams
Flight Controllers or Ruthless Strategists are obvious for carriers (why not both to REALLY clear the skies?), as is Ordnance Experts for fixing your black flak and black range dice (and reds into blacks under Sato!) Again, for the not-obvious suggestion, Local Fire Control for a large base ship with 2 salvos is a terrifying prospect to attack, and it's a bit of an easier thing to give up the Evade here for a second Salvo if you can up the damage more and more.  Most of your other dice control options (Weapon Battery Techs, Veteran Gunners, Caitken and Shollan, Sensor Team) aren't as good here as Ordnance Experts in my opinion.  And don't use Gunnery Team, double arc instead.

Offensive Retrofits
Expanded Hangar Bays? Boosted Comms? On a carrier? Gasp, shock, I never saw it coming. Flak Guns if you take a second Salvo; otherwise I'd likely leave it at home myself. There's not a crazy level of combo-tastic fun times with your Offensive Retrofits but if you have something that helps your plans, go for it and don't leave it blank.  Up to you here, but you really aren't moving crazy fast enough for Hardened Bulkheads, and Rapid Launch Bays on a speed 2 ship sure is a choice alright.  Maybe Phylon Q7s, if you're trying to fill the slot and ensure you can close on your opponent and all.

Boarding Team?
I'm generally in favor of it, but the obvious question is "which one?" Your base squadron value isn't amazing, but if you add on Expanded Hangar Bays, Boarding Troopers isn't dumb.  Shriv will knock off PDIC to help your black hit/crits stay as they are, Jyn will prevent your opponent from navving away, or Boarding Engineers will flip over some of the damage you've been doing on the way in (Sato APT builds).  Build to your list, but DO build to it and why you're including it.

Support Teams
Ah, the meat of the ship and what makes it "tick." Most of the other upgrades have been about "Add X if Y but add W if Z." The main question for all your builds is if you're adding Engine Techs to the ship and if you're not 1) how you plan on speeding up your ship to get to doing damage sooner and 2) what you're taking instead that's worth it.  Generally, bring Engine Techs.  Maybe get around it if you've got Raddus, but your call. Engine Techs and Fighter Coordination Team DOES work the way you want it to (double bump! 2 moves!), but Auxiliary Shields Team turns you into a 5-4-2 wrecking ball.  I'm also intrigued by the idea of Projection Experts to keep some friends alive as you trundle your way forward.  It ensures that even if you're out of range, you're still contributing to the battle.

Now watch as some nerd sees that different Liberty at 2 o'clock and demands THAT, too.

As I mentioned above, there's 3 main roles I see for the ship, detailed below.  Feel free to swap some upgrades around; this whole ship is based on your personal crazy idea of what you can smash together to help the Rebellion.

Raymus Antilles
Flight Commander
Flight Controllers
Boarding Troopers
Expanded Hangar Bays
Engine Techs
Fighter Coordination Team

Double speed boosted B-wings are great! Throwing them into your opponent after you Boarding Trooper them and double arc them at close is even more fun.  If you wanted to swap some things here, you have a choice of Ruthless over Flight Controllers, Rex over Flight Commander, and a fancier boarding team over the Troopers.  So many good Rebel options there, for sure.

Command Ship
Raymus Antilles
Agate (officer)
Ordnance Experts
Local Fire Control
Flak Guns
Proximity Mines
Auxiliary Shield Teams
Projection Experts

The beauty of this build is most of these upgrades work great for Sato just as well as any other admiral. Sato just lets you immediately turn those reds into blacks and get some great damage out of them. Two salvos and Agate officer here to ensure you're throwing a pain-bow back at Medium (why NOT 3 black with Ordnance Experts?), with Agate letting you untap another token if you get a crit.  AST is here because you're expecting to get shot quickly and you want to ensure that you can both engineering on turn 2 to get those shields up AND for later turns to regenerate shields in the side faster and harder to stay alive.  The proximity mines were a throw in, but 2 mines for 4 points is always helpful for sure.  As I often say, though, make sure you know what you're doing with them for sure.  If you AREN'T getting shot, however, you can send shields to friends with Projection Experts as you slowly trundle towards the battle.  You won't start a fight, but you dang sure will finish it.  You're that trailer shmitty has mentioned in multiple posts before; watch out for Onagers, of course.

Damage Dealer
Raymus Antilles
Ordnance Experts
Cham Syndulla
Hardened Bulkheads
Engine Techs
Auxiliary Shields Teams

AST can become Phylon Q7s, Walex is really an officer of choice.  Cham is on here to ensure that if you get Raddus dropped into the sides of a ship (and then you can potentially cut the Engine Techs, for that matter) that they're going NOWHERE.  Jyn and Rex if you're feeling spicy, of course, and have a plan for what to do when they've been raided like crazy, but there's all sorts of good ways of upping the damage coming out of your ship (and then staying alive while doing so afterwards).

Parting Thoughts
Provided you build for it, the Providence will work just as well for you as any other large you can field in the Rebellion.  The only part of it you won't be able to find for cheap in a junkyard is the model!


  1. I this ship is stupid fun. 've been running the prov in a Sato list with ET and nav teams so it can do the inside speed 2 turns, and by golly this ship can brawl. The twins seem like overkill with ord experts but they let you fish for hit/crits aggressively and fix any blanks, or for that blue accuracy if you need to nail a flotilla or whatever. There's plenty of territory still to be explored though

  2. This past weekend I was able to use this providence to great effect with Raddus. Paired it with a profundity 75 and a trc 90. Once the 75 reaches roughly long range, you can drop the TRC 90 with a double arc and then off of that dump the rebel providence in the side arc of the enemy flagship (or biggest threat) Start of the round the TRC 90 unleashes its con fire TRC double arc into the victim and lifeboats away behind the enemy, enemy activates, and if you did it right, the providence is not sitting double arc on into the side or rear of the enemy ship. I popped on some rapid launch bays with nym, luke and gold squad to try and ruin someones day but any bomber will do. This providence is a nightmare off of raddus with those 11 dice plus bombers

  3. Thanks for the articles! They're teasing my brain as i don't have enougth time to try everything going through lately.

    There's a lot of crazy thing to do with the Rebel Providence, and it could make a great gunship under Aghathe (Admiral). The ET/Auxilary Shield Tech is by far my favorite.