Thursday, December 24, 2020

Eric minor Christmas Eve updates

 A few quick updates...

  • Wave 5/Corellian Conflict objectives articles
    • Red
      • Blockade Run writeup shortened. Don't take this unless you want to fight in a bowling alley (the kind of ships that thematically run blockades sure don't).
      • Otherwise editing and clarifying.
    • Blue
      • Basic maintenance, editing, etc.
    • Yellow
      • Fixed a typo!
      • Removed mention of Avenger interaction with Planetary Ion Cannon because Avenger is terrible now.
  • Offensive retrofits
    • ATN no longer counters Intel.
    • Hardened Bulkheads no longer combine with Engine Techs for easy double rams on small ships.
    • Otherwise cleaned up this and that, added some hyperlinks, shortened a few things just a smidge.

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