Monday, December 21, 2020

john 12/19 and 12/20

Updated Madine.  Like 2 sentences about him, he still hasn't changed since the Raddus nerf.  The Evade change helps him alright, but he's still kinda outclassed by Raddus. I wish he was better or even had a points reduction, but we get what we get.

Pelta - a bit more about how it's a good ship, as much as us and Steel Strategy keep proselytizing to you all.  some more on how to run it, but the builds are still similar.

Sato - procedural, no major changes since he only changed points.  Oh, i was a lot more hesitant on recommending you use Malee, because, well, (gestures at Malee).

i'm traveling the rest of the day, but should be able to hit more of these tonight (maybe) and the rest of this week.

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