Friday, December 18, 2020

Eric 1.5 updates 12/18

 Updates for today. So much stuff to do!

  • How to use black dice article.
    • Minor updates, some editing, added some hyperlinks.
  • Ion cannons
    • High Capacity Ion Turbines got even worse because it competes for Modification slots with its 1.0 buddy H9 Turbolasers.
      • Even then, it was a fairly niche build mostly seen on ISD-Is.
    • Ion Cannon Batteries got better with 1.5 focusing more on command tokens and command-triggered upgrades.
    • New Leading Shots at 6 points.
    • MS-1s got a little better but not much.
    • NK-7s are still terrible.
    • Overload Pulse Avenger interaction discussion removed. Thankfully.
  • Interdictor
    • Between Brunson getting pricier and ECMs needing repair tokens to ready, I honestly feel like it's a matter of meta and preference now between Brunson and Tua/ECM. Both options are 9 points. The Interdictor title readying ECMs for free is a nice touch, so I lean Tua nowadays.
    • Combat Interdictor is still the worst ship in the game. Yay!
  • Konstantine
    • New Konstantine, new article. Substantial overhaul here.
    • I'm still not sure Konstantine is actually worth using but he's much less bad than he was in 1.0.
  • Armada peripherals
    • Minor editing.

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