Wednesday, December 23, 2020

john 12/23

Fighting whales article updated - added in the obvious "bring your own whale" if you want to; separated the "what about SSDs and Starhawks" part into the end.

Admiral Raddus entrance music was procedural. I also didnt click on the links, so, let's hope youtube hasn't taken those down!

Building your community - procedural, nothing major. I still miss community and our Armada community; stupid COVID.

Toryn Farr - procedural, mainly just added links to everything.  none of the math changed, haha

hammerheads - added in a paragraph that they're good against squadron damage/alphas, and a bit more about discarding your defense tokens to kill your opponent if you need to.

And i'm through 2017! Ugh, my new years resolution is to not need to update these articles again for a while.

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