Monday, December 14, 2020

Eric updates 12/14/2020

 Updates today for...

  • Darth Vader commander
    • Minimal changes.
  • Raider
    • Evades work at close range, fellas. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
    • Removed a whole bunch about flakking versus squadrons with Intel boosting them. It's a lot easier to force enemies to fight your squads and get your Raider flak in nowadays.
      • I'm quite frankly astounded at how much Intel keeps showing up across all these different articles, even about ships.
    • Shortened the article a bit, actually. It's still long, though.
    • Fixed points costs for ordnance upgrades.
      • I'm no longer as dismissive of APTs or ACMs on Raider-Is but I definitely still feel more comfortable there if Screed is involved.
  •  Ozzel
    • Is amazing now. JOIN ME. 
    • Seriously, though, this required a pretty substantial rewrite given how much he changed.
      • Now that he's simpler and better, the article is shorter as a lot of the "for real he's not bad just follow my line of thought" elements were shortened or removed as they're no longer necessary.

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