Sunday, December 13, 2020

Eric updates 12/13/2020

A big crop of article updates for 1.5:

  • Ordnance upgrades
    • Correct points cost and images for ACMs, APTs, and External Racks.
    • Corrected text/rules reminders for ACMs and APTs now that they're cheaper and exhaust.
    • Ordnance Pods changed a bit - Acclamators are rather keen on them, actually.
  • Gladiator-class Star Destroyer
    • Obviously the Demolisher section has been rebuilt. Now with pictures as an example!
    • Otherwise cleaned the article up a bit. No longer recommend Brunson - a 9 point officer on a Glad is a bit much.
  • Jumpmaster
    • Major overhaul now that Intel has been nerfed. Every entry has been given a big facelift, Tel least of all but still some decent changes.
  • Aggressor
    • This squadron is still bad.
      • Not as bad as the YV-666 but we can't all be that awful.
    • The IGs are still fun.
      • Competing for ace slots makes them a bit tougher to recommend but they're still fun.
  • YV-666
    • God this generic squadron is terrible.
      • For real, I want to find whoever thought a speed 2 Heavy squadron should be specialized against squads and ask them what drugs they were on.
    • Bossk is still fun. Love that lizard.
    • Tom Morello's Rage Against the Machine got less potentially insane without 1.0 Intel available to keep him and the Lambdas safely doing their thing.
  • Firespray
    • Little bit of an update due to Intel. Old Intel shows up a lot in these squadron articles, a good indication it needed a nerf.
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer
    • Officers section added. They were alluded to earlier but now there's a dedicated section like in all the other ship articles.
    • Avenger is terrible now.
    • Bruiser Extraordinaire ISD build removed now that it's illegal (two Modifications now that H9s are a Modification).
    • Boarding Party ISD builds changed now that Avenger is terrible.
    • ISD-II overhauled a bit to include some new builds.
    • Cymoon Krennic combo improved a bit now that your Cymoons are going to want to con fire (at least with tokens) anyways to trigger Gunnery Teams now and then.
  • Removed the "annulling Avenger Boarding Troopers" article from the "fighting fleets" link because Avenger Boarding Troopers isn't really a thing anymore in 1.5.
    • The two-ship article probably needs to go as well (with Pryce mercifully dead). Maybe Admonition too.

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