Monday, December 28, 2020

Eric 1.5 article updates 12/28

First note: there wasn't really much to update when it came to personal advice style articles (like the articles on tilting/improving) and the articles on FFG tournaments. Neither have changed any (the advice or the tournament formats, plus who knows what AMG tournaments are going to look like once we get out of the Plague Times), so I just left them be.

 Here's today's achievements as I get through wave 6:

  •  Quasar Fire
    • Removed Brunson as a recommendation as she's too pricey now.
    • Removed references to Intel.
    • What was Pryce doing in this article? I CAST YOU OUT, FOUL SPIRIT!
    • Editing/hyperlinks/the usual.
  • Commands rules article
    • Updated page number references.
      • If the RRG gets updated frequently, keeping the page numbers right is going to be a nightmare.
    • Added new reminder based on new RRG text that effects that provide dials (like Thrawn) allow you to tokenize them upon receiving them.
  • Boarding teams
    • Cleared out the remaining Rebel unique boarding teams as John already ported those over to the Rebel specific upgrades.
    • Otherwise, some minor upkeep.
  • Admiral Sloane
    • Removed Avenger references.
    • Cleaned up and shortened the article a bit. Sloane is still good but has the same balancing act as before of trying to get enough carrier capacity, squadrons, and actual combat ships to make her shtick all come together. She can competently run Interceptors and Fighters better than any other Imperial commander but if you're not careful you can get an even larger burden on your carriers.

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