Saturday, December 26, 2020

Eric article updates 12/26

Boxing Day updates to the Imperial officers article!

Imperial Officers
  • Admiral Chiraneau got much better now that Intel got nerfed and his section was completely redone.
  • Captain Brunson mostly rewritten because oof 9 points.
  • Director Krennic improved a bit because he works well with Gunnery Team now.
  • 1.0 Avenger and Yavaris and Intel references removed or updated.
    • If I could bottle this feeling and sell it I'd be rich.
    • Seriously, the worst card in the game, get lost.
  • Instructor Goran is better now that Intel has been nerfed but he's still a reactive squad-based 7 point officer. Doesn't mean he's complete garbage but be careful with him.
  • Otherwise editing, hyperlinks, the usual.

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