Thursday, December 17, 2020

Eric 12/16 and 12/17 article updates

Updates for the past two days:
  • Fleet support
    • A little editing and mostly bringing Slicer Tools up to date.
      • It's still a good card but you need to be a lot more careful with how you use it.
  • Gozantis
    • The Minister Tua Electronic Countermeasures Slicer Tools Suppressor Gozanti build was cute, although not necessarily that great. Now that both of the big upgrades eat repair tokens to ready, it's not really viable anymore. 
      • Possible substitutes exist but you're in much greater danger of "oops, that's my scatter" followed by the sound of comms static and a distant explosion.
  • Bidding
    • Minor upkeep.
  • Attack sequence
    • Added the new reminder bullet point from the RRG that you can attack engaged squadrons. Otherwise, nothing needed to be changed.
  • General Tagge
    • New version up.
      • Fairly major overhaul of the discussion portion given there's more considerations for him right now what with the round choosing element.
    • He still kinda sucks, but I think there's something there for someone determined to get him to work.
      • That non-consecutive round requirement is the main culprit here and was totally unnecessary.
  • Fleet building 101 basics of fleet building
    • Minor editing, added some hyperlinks.

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