Friday, August 30, 2019

John Half Updates

More Updates, for the YT2400 Ace and Scurrg Ace below.  Expect Kanan and Lando soon. I like them more (NOT sorry) so they get to be my reward for later typing, haha.
I'm sure he's a nice guy, but that is the LAZIEST Star Wars name I've seen.
Mart Mattin, from Rebellion in the Rim, is yet another way of getting Proximity Mines to go off.  What he loses in Dash's ability to take out squadrons, he gains in the ability to throw mines at ships.  Is that worth the points on its own? No.  In combination with a minefield strategy, however....

He hits squadrons as well as a regular YT2400, which is both good and bad, especially as you'd rather be mining things for a chance at 2 damage straight to the hull.  Put mines down for the slower ships, by the way.  Fast ones that can just jump your placed mine aren't a great plan.  He survives long, and would love to live in an obstacle to just stick around as long as possible, and there's nothing preventing him from toggling his slider even if he's about to get shot by a bunch of TIEs during the squadron phase.

For both Dash and Mart, they combine great with Adar Tallon, either giving Dash another crazy bananas attack or launching Mart to where you need him to drop that mine later.
A shiny space penny to whoever can identify who she is in canon for me!
Malee Hurra is the new ace from Rebellion in the Rim.  She is one of the more pricey squadrons, tied with Han and only behind Hera/Morna Kee for most cost in any faction.  She's basically Screed on a stick.  If she's at distance 1 of a ship and only engaged by 1 or 0 squadrons, you can smoosh 2 dice together to make a critical appear.  This is kinda cool on 2 blank reds, but just like Screed it's REALLY good on making (blank) black dice turn into Hit/Crits.  She only works once per activation, and you can't be engaged, and she has to be at distance 1, and the moon has to be in the 7th house, and you have to had sacrificed a FRESH goat (not store-bought) to the crossroads demon, and if you give a mouse a cookie.....

Yeah, it's a fair amount of setup to get the engine working.  The obvious answer is to put her into your Sato fleet, where she can help your ships get that critical off (and I'm DEFINITELY saying get a fancy Ordnance critical off; you're spending all sorts of points for a combo that had BETTER be worth the setup you're investing in it).  I'm not suggesting scrimping on your reroll mechanics, because removing Ordnance Experts/Task Force Organa is an easy way to watching Malee get focused down and shot repeatedly by everything your opponent can throw at her.  But it's a way to potentially remove a few of them and use those points on other things.  Try to keep her on an obstacle to both protect her and prevent her from getting engaged by multiple squadrons.  She does NOT want to fight her way out of those (a blue and a red? Oof, pass), but she CAN Grit move her way out, and the 2 blue dice anti-ship are pretty solid as well.

Other fun things you can do with her!

  • Guarantee that you're getting Heavy Ion Emplacements to proc off that CR90B that she's near.  She shows him exactly where to fire the fancy ion lasers and get that crit off.
  • Help out an MC30 (or other ship) with Fire Control Teams (yes, THAT upgrade) get off something like Assault Concussion Missiles and XX-9? (And oh, yes, that does work the way you want it to).  Fire Control Teams is an exhaust, mind you, but that can rip some ships apart if you can keep her close enough to get it to trigger.
  • If you put Malee inside a Hammerhead (with Rapid Launch Bays) and then put THAT inside Profundity, you can potentially get a critical by aggressively rerolling your Hammerhead con-fire dial out the side (feed the Hammerhead a squadron token, likely with Hondo, to ensure you can kick Malee out).  If you get it out the side, you can then trigger Malee's ability on the front shot of the Hammerhead for 2 potential APT/ACM criticals from your Hammerhead.  (The reason I said to con-fire out the side first is that if you con-fire out the front and don't get the critical, you can't smush 2 dice together out the side since you'd only be rolling 1).  And if you place her right, your Profundity can ALSO benefit from her ability too!  This is a very huge wombo combo, but it's very hard to counter, as she can just jump out of the Hammerhead unengaged.  And then your opponent has to either let the Profundity shoot or find a way to kill her FAST before she can trigger and help it again.  I'm not saying it makes Rapid Launch Bays good, but it's definitely interesting at least?

I haven't fully explored everything Malee can do yet, but she's definitely a very interesting character to build a list around.

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