Sunday, August 4, 2019

Gencon and Rebellion in the Rim

FFG had a limited number of Rebellion in the Rim boxes for sale at Gencon and they (very thoughtfully) reserved a copy for everyone playing in the Armada tournament. That means both John and I picked up a copy and now that it exists as a saleable item in some limited sense, we can talk about it.

First off, I did okay at Gencon. Despite attempts at different tactics, I was struggling locally against well-practiced 2-ship and John's fleet and didn't want to hit them at Gencon and get stuffed, so I went with a build similar to (but not identical, some meaningful changes) to John's with about a week or two to spare. I did all right (I'd say top 1/3 or so) until I hit Shmitty (of Steel Squadron, who won Gencon with Dumpster Fire day 2, which I expect he'll write about) round 4 and got 10-1ed when I made a couple mistakes. Womp. Wound up in the middle of the pack, but still overall had a good time; if you're going to go down, there's no shame in going down against the champ. I didn't expect to do amazing with a new fleet, and honestly probably should've stuck with what I'm well-versed with but here we are. John did much better than I did (#3 after day 2) and he's writing up a big summary right now.

Secondly, huh, I see some interesting names for playtester credits on RitR:
😁, but for real don't bother us about spoilers in the future 'cuz you ain't gettin' none
So all that said, we've got our copies of Rebellion in the Rim and I've seen plenty of pictures of the cards around here and there, but it's typically a cell phone camera picture taken at Gencon itself or a quick flash-by in an unboxing video. Well, I've got an all-right-enough scanner, so I figured let's get some better images out there. I've used the crisper FFG images when possible, but for now it's the best we've got. I'm not putting in the effort for the campaign stuff because you really should be buying this regardless, especially if you're doing the campaign, but it's good to have some idea as to what's new so you can proxy new stuff until you can buy RitR, which you should.

Here we go!

That's a lot, and I didn't even touch on the rules for new obstacles and proximity mine tokens (which I'll go into more detail when those get added proper) plus the SSD upgrades. We've got our work cut out for us for sure, but it's good to have some new material to dig into after a year and a half of nothing.

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