Sunday, August 25, 2019

John's Dropping Articles Like Taylor Swift Albums!

MORE UPDATES - Support Teams are updated and alphabetized!

Listen, I know it's on fire, but the datapad says the first step is checking in with your team to make sure everyone is engaged.

Auxiliary Shields Team is from Rebellion in the Rim, and it's super nice on several ships.  You can increase the shields in their side zone by 1 when you recover them or move them.  Generally, this is on any ship with a Support team slot that doesn't want Engine Techs, or has a plan that doesn't involve Engine Techs or FCT (those are 2 different things).  Realistically, I expect to see this in the wild on Nebulons, Libertys, Interdictors, specific Pelta/Glad builds, Vics named Harrow that don't want Engine Techs for some reason, and specific Command Arquitens builds.  Mainly, Nebs and Libs.  Engineering on turn 1 takes a Neb from a 3-1-2 spread to a 3-2-1 spread (which is a Pelta/Glad shield zone spread).  Leia and Garm can let you get a 3-2-2 spread, which.... ain't bad, actually.  You CAN'T take this on anything that already has Shields 4 (well, you CAN, but it's pointless), so no HMC80s for you.  For everyone who's ever complained about a ship being too squishy on the sides, this is the upgrade you've always wanted.

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