Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The Raider article has been updated with a few things (specifically the Corvus title, Iden Versio, and Weapons Battery Techs), and here's the bit on Corvus:

All the haters are going to eat crow.
Corvus is a neat cheap little title and it has some surprising utility. Rules-wise it's important to note that when you deploy a ship, you choose its speed. Redeploying a ship is deploying a ship, so you have a chance to reset Corvus's speed when you redeploy it as well. Also of note is that when you redeploy Corvus, it redeploys within your deployment zone. This means if you originally deployed it somewhere special due to the objective (say, for example, in the ambush zone in Fleet Ambush or on the station in Surprise Attack), you must redeploy it in your normal ol' deployment zone. That's normally a good thing.

The immediate use for Corvus is using your Raider as a "fake" deployment. You can put it wherever you please and it tells your opponent nothing about your future plans. It's pretty common for player 2 to start their deployment based on the information they gain from player 1's first deployment. If you're player 1, Corvus reveals nothing. If you're player 2, you can continue to wait out player 1's motives with Corvus.

You can also deploy squadrons at distance 1-2 of Corvus like normal, so don't hesitate to buy time with squadron deployments after your Corvus deployment to continue to keep your opponent guessing. Will you be deploying your carrier(s) to the left or the right of the squad ball? It's hard to say, and Boosted Comms and/or Relay makes it even more difficult to guess for sure. If those squadrons are Rogues, you don't even need a carrier to help them out afterwards!

In short, Corvus is 2 points pretty well-spent, if only for the deployment shenanigans. In my experience the title seems best on Raider-IIs and/or flagship Raiders. On Raider-IIs it's because they generally are happy acting as flankers due to their superior range, whereas Raider-Is tend to like to "catch" their prey as it drifts into them, so you can use Corvus to deploy at high speed on a flank safely to begin the chase. With a flagship Raider, it's mostly to ensure you're not biting off more than you can chew. I tend to prefer my flagship Raiders as Raider-IIs as well (as they can contribute at safer, longer ranges), so these tend to overlap for me.

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