Sunday, August 25, 2019

Generic Officer Updates!

John got off his lazy butt after running 20 miles today and wrote a thing!
You can tell he's an expert cause he's got that fancy hat
Expert Shield Techs! The new Rebellion in the Rim hotness! Our only generic officer addition! He's pretty phenomenal, especially on anything with a double redirect.  Your MC30s, your HMC80s, potentially the SSD, ISD, or even a VSD.  Goes great on Arquitens too, making them JUSSSST that much tankier, and combining great with the other new turbolaser, Linked Turbolaser Towers.  You CAN put him on a ship with a single redirect, but it's at the mercy of anything with an accuracy.  I'm not saying "Don't do it" just... be aware of the limitations there is all.

He's realllllly good at neutering individual squadron damage shots, and he's even OK when you run out of shields (as he can still reduce the damage by 1 there, too!).  You may want to engineer some with that ship, and that keeps him even more annoying as there's just that much more shields to take out.  He's a great "Lando replacement" on your MC30 cruise missile, if you're using Lando squadron.  He should keep the ship survivable on the way in, and he should hopefully let you get that one shot off before speeding away.  Larger ships may need other people in the officer's chair, but I can definitely see using him there and not be disappointed.

I ALSO alphabetized the Generic Officer Section, so that'll be helpful going forwards.

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