Thursday, August 15, 2019


Updated the VSD article with Harrow. The title section is as below, and I've added two new VSD-I builds as well as cleaned up here and there and added an alternative VSD-II build using HIEs and Weapons Battery Techs. I've also reordered the ship index alphabetically for similar reasons to the squad index: it's quicker to find things alphabetically. Ordering them by wave makes its own sense, but long-term ease-of-use seems more useful to me. I also spent upwards of 8 years of my life working in libraries, so I may be biased 😉.

Winner of the "old to gold" award
Oh boy, it's finally time to talk about Harrow! The good news is Harrow's effect is pretty straightforward: you gain a support team slot and your speed-1 maneuvers are made at 2 clicks. Very neat for 3 points. It should be noted that every speed 1 maneuver you make is buffed in this way, with the obvious combo being with the extra Engine Techs move but this also works with the Officer Ozzel start-of-game speed-1 move as well as the Rift Ambush extra speed-1 move and the like. For a moment of zen, use a nav dial with Engine Techs, Harrow, and Moff Jerjerrod to do a speed 2+1 move with maximum clicks on every joint. That's some insane maneuverability on any ship, much less a typically-sluggish VSD.

Okay, so the point of Harrow is to put Engine Techs on a VSD so it can go fake speed 3, right? Well... I mean yes, to an extent; that's the obvious combination. That said, the extra support team slot can be used in some clever ways. For example:
  • Projection Experts can be handy for a VSD used in a fleet-support role: you can shield-supplement a larger ship but still use the VSD as a flank guard/area-denial piece. Typically Projection Experts ships tend to be a little less offensively potent, but not this build. 
    • Combine with other defensive upgrades across your fleet and this "Medic VSD" build can be pretty helpful.
  • Fighter Coordination Team gives your squads a little extra bump, but that can add up. For extra fun combine with Officer Ozzel and Expanded Hangar Bays for a pre-round-1 move followed by a free squad bump on 4 Squadrons.
    • This also allows you to put Fighter Coordination Teams and Flight Controllers on the same ship, which normally is rather difficult to do effectively. In that case, I'd recommend Flight Commander as the officer so you can resolve your squadron command after your VSD move and the FCT squad bump.
  • Auxiliary Shields Team is a somewhat-boring option but that said you spend a total of 6 points between them and Harrow and the end result is a VSD with better speed-1 yaw and the ability to repair up to 4 shields in the side arcs for some extra tankiness. Combine with a defensive officer and otherwise keep your VSD cheap and you've got a pretty durable Junior ISD for the cost.
So I urge you to consider your full options rather than just slapping Engine Techs on Harrow by default. Of course there's nothing wrong with a fake speed 3 VSD, which can help make the VSD-I into an actual short-ranged brawler or assist the VSD-II with lining up its Disposable Capacitors from downtown shot on round 2, but that's not all Harrow is good for.


  1. Do you think we will ever see a non-Harrow VSD in competitive play again?

    1. Warlord still has its uses in my opinion but it's mostly for the flak builds.

      Otherwise,other VSDs have their uses in big games but I don't expect they'll see competitive use in 400 point games.