Monday, August 26, 2019

CR90 updates whaaaaa

Updated the CR90 with the Liberator title, pasted below.
I'm liberating you from needing a Pelta.  Obvious joke is obvious.

The newest entry in the CR90 title options, Liberator is a PHENOMENAL inclusion.  It's a one-use Fleet Command, and there's some wonderful options that are worth including in your fleet.  The easiest answer is All Fighters Follow Me, zooming in at +1 speed after your CR90 fires into the large ship.  I love the idea of slipping it onto a CR90B with HIE, following a bunch of shield damage up with massive fighter strikes.  You can also put on Entrapment Formation, able to change speeds DRASTICALLY if needed with your whole fleet.  There's arguments for the new Take Evasive Action, Intensify Firepower, or Shields to Maximum, but TEA doesn't actually help the CR90 it's on (if it's helping the rest of your fleet, though....), and IF and StM generally are those you want to be using on multiple turns.  However, don't let me stop you from trying those out.  I just know I'm excited to play that fighter swarm plan.

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