Monday, August 26, 2019

LTTs (yeah you know me!)

Turbolaser Update! Alphabetical! Updated a few of them (HTT: not great, Bront!) but mainly added this little beauty.
Where have you been all my Nebulon based life?
Linked Turbolaser Towers (Towers, not turrets!) is the replacement/good version of DTTs (above).  Instead of being a modification and an exhaust effect, it's 2 points more for a reroll on any red dice you attack with.  ANY.  Strap it on an SSD and reroll that red flak! Reroll from BOTH your Nebulon/Arquitens/Assault Frigate attacks! This turbolaser puts DTTs in the dustbin, and that's BEFORE we even get to the flak bit that really hates one particular squadron! If you're a primarily 2-4 Red dice throwing ship and don't have the tokens for TRCs, this is the turbolaser for you.  Anything that's throwing 5+ red dice (Ackbar HMC80s and Cymoons) may want more than just this as their dice corrections.

Main people I expect to see using this are Nebulons, Assault Frigates, Arquitens, and potentially SSDs, ISDs, and Victories with a specific plan for using it.  I wouldn't really put it on an HMC80 but some weird Liberty plan isn't out of the question?  Really, I'm just happy these 3 ships are getting turbolasers that make them worth putting on the table and don't require half the hoops I have to jump through for some of these other upgrades.  If you're bringing one of those 3 ships I linked to at the start of this paragraph, I'd strongly suggest starting with those turbolasers on them.


  1. Will this card help take down 1 ace really quick? 2 blue 1 red and black. Avg. of 2.06 against squads max of 5. Or 2 blue 2 black for 4.

    1. All on its own it helps a bit but you need a plan for the defense tokens. For brace aces it's largely a matter of getting up to an odd amount of damage, usually 3 (as it gets more damage to stick to the ace, even post-brace). Against scatter aces, you need that accuracy result to make it meaningful, but adding 2 blue dice helps with that. Generally you should be adding black dice to assist with damage (0.75 average against squads) or blue dice to fish for accuracy results. Red dice are very swingy and I don't generally recommend it unless it's a desperation move and you need to hope those doubles come up.

    2. But you get a free red reroll making a red be .81 against squads. So like every thing else siuational!

    3. That is true. It depends on how much you're willing to risk it, but adding a single red isn't a bad plan. It's just you still have the 31% chance of no damage coming out of it even with the reroll, so it's less reliable. The double-hit being in there ups the average damage but it's still swingy, even with the reroll.

  2. Also Rebs can get that Blue Die reroll with Toryn, but if you want to be really cheeky you could even use a Neb Escort with LTT, Vanguard and OE and add 2 rerollable black die, +2 native blue anti-squad.