Sunday, August 25, 2019

John did MORE updates????

What is this, crazy town, John doing 2 updates in a day? Rebel uniques below, and those were alphabetized as well for future uses.

I fought on Endor, you know
Captain Rex is one of the new Rebellion in the Rim officers, and a great character on Rebels.  I'm happy he got a great card to go with that.  If you're commanding squadrons and are at close range of a ship, here, have a Raid token to go with the damage I just poured into you! And even more fun, you can't get rid of multiple tokens until I'm not at distance 1-3 of you! He combines great with Kanan, but he's also just really solid on any carrier that's going to end up in the thick of things (and wants to push several squadrons, but I DID say carrier already).  Carrier GR75s, Vanguard (not Yavaris, it doesn't need a SECOND target on it), Assault Frigates, Peltas (provided you can get into the thick of things and then OUT of the thick of things quickly), Large ship carriers, he's great anywhere you plan on commanding squadrons multiple times a game.  Fun note: the ability to remove those Raid tokens ISN'T tied to him commanding squadrons, just existing near the ship.  Fun note 2: even if he dies this turn, no getting rid of those tokens until NEXT turn.  Make Raid count for you.  Rex is GOLD in the right situations, you just gotta leverage him and make sure you keep throwing squadrons with him.  Last fun note: pushing zero squadrons but still spending the dial/token counts as commanding squadrons.  RAID THAT SHIP!
What, you think you some kinda Jedi or something?
Ezra Bridger, protagonist of the Rebels TV series, and friend to space whales everywhere is SUPER fun.  Let's go over movement of obstacles! (Anything I quote is verbatim from RitR, so, take it as gospel.)
  • Obstacle movement says you place one end of the middle of the range ruler on the edge of the obstacle you want to move.  Then you move it up to the specified distance (here, 1-2).  It can't end on anything or under anything (squads, ships, other obstacles, any tokens).
  • "The obstacle can be rotated as long as no part of that obstacle is beyond the specified maximum distance of its move from that object's original position."  So you can swing one end around, but the other end of the obstacle can't go more than the Distance 2 from it's start.
  • "If an obstacle with a token placed on it due to an objective card or other effect is moved, that token remains on the obstacle."  Mines and VIPs get to move with the obstacle.
  • "If an obestacle that is overlapped by a ship or squadron is moved, that ship or squadron remains in its current position after the obstacle is moved."  That X-wing does NOT get to move with it.
Lotta words there.  But! What it means for you is a lot easier to explain! Ezra gets to move obstacles around.  Where they're the MOST destructive for your opponent, as it doesn't happen on deployment like Grav Shift Reroute.  You can put Proximity Mines on any of the obstacles and then have Ezra shove them directly in something's path (like a Purgill!), you can slip a Gravity Rift right in front of that Super Star Destroyer, you can push a Dust Cloud JUSSSSST in front of your ship, guess you can't attack me this turn huh sad.  There's a LOT of jerk maneuvers you can do with this, but any list that wants maximum efficacy with Ezra wants some horrid new obstacles to throw in the way.  Dust Clouds, Grav Rifts, Purgills, mines, anything that makes your opponent think he's going one way but actually resulting in bad times for him.  If you're playing Con O, I mean, I guess, but.... there's a LOT better options.  Your WORST case scenario should be throwing an asteroid under their ship for 2 turns, or obstructing your ship from their attack, and there's DEFINITELY better in a lot of the objectives (I cannot stress dust clouds enough, especially if you can lurk on one side and wait them out and force them to cross the cloud and get shot by you.  And again, anyone who selects Rift Ambush from you is ASKING for a bad time.).  It's hard for people to predict in-game when you move an obstacle, and I am very happy to mess with minds in-game.
EXPLOSIONS!!!! - Mr. Torgue
Sabine Wren is relatively easy to understand.  She drops a Proximity Mine (which must be distance 1 away from any OTHER Proximity Mine - RitR book says so).  Any ship that lands on her Prox Mine takes the same potentially 2 damage as any other mine, but! It's placed whatever round you want to.  When you see your opponent coming in at speed 3 and you know he's going to be pushing squadrons this turn? Time for a mine in his landing zone.  It's also an opportunity for ONE more mine token on the board, at the cost of the officer slot (YMMV there).  I like the mines a lot; they're great deployment help, especially for some of the MSU fleets I like to run.  And getting to drop one more just to try to throw under your opponent? Mmmm, delicious! Obvious combo with Ezra is obvious, but hey, worth mentioning.  Don't necessarily throw it out turn 1, but if it REALLY helps your plans, go for it.


  1. So MSU is getting help?! Yeah! Competitive still probably ify?

  2. "Obstacle movement says you place one end of the middle of the range ruler on the edge of the obstacle you want to move. Then you move it up to the specified distance (here, 1-2). It can't end on anything or under anything (squads, ships, other obstacles, any tokens)."

    " can slip a Gravity Rift right under that Super Star Destroyer..."

    When you say "under" do you mean "in front of"?