Saturday, August 31, 2019

John's making his way through!

Lando and Kanan! I also updated Malee and Mart with a few new sentences (I like them more now!) but I'd suggest clicking on the articles linked in their names as it's not a whole lot different from before.
Gotham City's Best D.A.

Lando is the newest entrant from Rebellion in the Rim, and designed by (again!) Chicago's own Nathan Coda.  If you bring Lando, no bringing Han, as there's only one Falcon in existence.  This ALSO means no putting Lando protecting your flagship.  I know, I'm scared too!

Lando's abilities are super nice, first being able to discard a defense token to set a dice to any side.  That double hit on the red is my personal favorite, but maybe you need a hit elsewhere to finish things off.  Fun notes about this part!
  • "That die cannot be modified again." No, you CAN'T scatter the damage away.  You can brace it or redirect it (as brace is for the total number, not the individual die), but you can't Scatter or Evade it.  Lando hates flotillas and will put them in the GROUND.  This ALSO means, however you don't get to spend any accuracy you change it to.  Spending an accuracy removes it from the pool of available dice, which means it's modified.  So no rolling a double on the red and then changing a blue to an accuracy.  Sadly doesn't happen.
  • "While attacking." Roll your pool first, man.  Maybe you'll luck into the double you need anyways!  This is for both anti squad and anti-ship, but man, 4-6 damage guaranteed is mighty nice alright.  Toryn Farr still affects those blues, even if he isn't a bomber.
  • You want Asteroid Tactics as your yellow objective.  You're welcome.  Build with that in mind.  Keep in mind that he's Rogue, so you move in, spend a token to shoot and get that double red against their ship.  You can then shoot next turn, get that double, and then move to an asteroid for a Brace back.
His second ability lets you spend a Brace to reroll as many dice as you choose.  So when you get targeted by Wedge and here comes 6 dice? Reroll ALL them hits please.  It gives you a chance of removing 1-2 damage shots and may potentially remove way more.  Notes on this!
  • No double spending Brace tokens.  So after you have your opponent reroll, you don't get to then Brace that damage again.
  • "Spend 1 of your defense tokens." You aren't Admonition; if it's accuracied away you don't get to spend it, and Sloane still is a jerk alright.
Nathan has said that he wanted Lando to bring back SFC and MFC groups, and that's where I'd start with him.  He's going to take out more than his share of points in opposing squadrons, and if you're lucky (slash once you kill all the opposing squadrons) you can then use him to start taking out ships as well.  You CAN put him in a full 134, but.... I wouldn't? Just like, personally? But I need to build and play with him more and probably edit that statement some.... Lando looks like a LOT of fun to play, and I'm VERY excited to get him to the table.
He's all that.  I'm VERY proud of that joke.
Kanan, debuting in Rebellion in the Rim, is my favorite card in the box.  Straight up, no lie, most fun.  Giving me/the Rebels good Raid abilities is ACTUALLY fun and thematic and good.  I've hit ISDs before and gotten them MOSTLY dead in one turn, but that's also SLIGHTLY alive.  The worst thing is when that ISD either does a leave and navigates away, forcing me to chase it, or engineers and repairs away a bunch of that damage I wanted still on there.  Kanan basically says "No" to that plan.  With his ability and dice complement, I can almost guarantee you a minimum of 1 Raid token a turn (don't roll 2 accuracies).  Sometimes you luck into 2 of them with a Hit and a Crit (the Jyn Erso special!) and sometimes you just use one as Raid and the other as pure damage.  Sometimes you just need 2 damage.  In any case, he's shutting down one ship's ability to do a command or dial+token it every turn.  He's REAL fun against Thrawn, that's for sure.

Add in Cloak and Rogue and he can keep hopping on the station to heal up (twice a turn if he wants!).  He's squishy, but able to sneak out.  And he's REALLY FLIPPING ANNOYING.  If you ignore him, I'm just going to keep raiding that ship of yours and preventing you from using it fully (that Arquittens doesn't want to Nav or Concentrate Fire, right? Like, ever?).  If you try to kill him, you're likely going to need to invest way more than 19 points to do it, and I'm going to Cloak out as much as I can.  Raid is good, finally.  Combine him with Rex and go to town.

Try not to have him squadron fight, as he's not great at it, and he'd rather be Raiding ships.  Bring other friends who can fight for them to fight in his stead.

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  1. I've been trying to work Kanan into all my new builds, and even got him on the table last weekend. It's very tempting to do the two damage to a ship when he rolls that way, but I got burned on Piett's shenanigans. A raid on repair, confire or even nav would've meant a table victory for me.

    I underestimated the power of the force, and paid for it.

    His cloak is extremely useful, I knew it was annoying to play against from my friends Tie/p spam lists, but this way it's so much better for Kanan. Trying to figure out efficient ways to maybe even Adar him for two raids per round. I get the feeling he is going to be public enemy #1 very soon.