Wednesday, January 6, 2021

john updates 1/5

I did NOT do all the updates I said I was going to.  I got distracted over the week between Christmas and New Years watching TV and using the Instant Pot and hanging with the fiancee and her dog.

Did you really include this picture to just get Internet likes? SHAMELESSLY

Anyways! Moving into 2018 articles!

I updated the "Getting Good 2" article. Mainly cleaning up some wording, a link or two.

Strategic Play was updated, links, spelling Tom Morello's name correctly (Mor-alllllll-oh), and a few minor edits

And the Han and Hera article was updated as well, mainly because I think I link to it in there? And also because I got to reference my GenCon placement, and I'm enough of a self-promoting doofus to want to re-up that one.

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