Sunday, January 10, 2021

john 1/10 Updates

I finished my updates, having gone through LITERALLY every previous article I wrote!

Raddus - links updated, minor clarification on points.  I pulled out the bit saying "bring a HWK in your Rapid Launch Bays plan" since that doesnt work anymore.  You likely shouldnt use RLB anyways, but to each their own.

MC75 - links, some suggested build points changes and upgrade choices.

Painting article - updates, phrasing, correctly numbering things. I have plans for a "painting squadrons article" but gimme a bit on that. soon though.  And likely Clone Wars content!

Agate - links; no major updates on her.

Starhawk - links, builds, choices. Amity is more worth it now, that's for sure.

Vassal/TTS? choice article - minor formatting

entire RitR article series - no real updates; I edited some bits of the fleet building article to clarify the 2 unique squadrons per 200/250 point games bit.

What's next for me? Well, Vassal World Cup starts tomorrow, so I'll be getting some games in there.  Unsurprisingly, I took a Leia list.  Comments and details after pod rounds and we see where I end up with it all.

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