Friday, January 1, 2021

Eric 1.5 updates New Years Eve and New Years Day

Getting close to done, finally! Edition updates take forever to get through everything and I guarantee you I missed something somewhere. We're up to wave 7 now (the Chimaera ISD variants were already updated earlier in the ISD mega-article).

  • Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter.
    • Removed references to old Intel.
    • It's still absolutely terrible.
      • For real, FFG should be ashamed of how bad this squadron is.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    • Tarkin comparison spruced up a bit (thanks, cheaper Tarkin!).
    • Removed references to two-ship now that Pryce is dead.
      • I have nothing nice to say about that fleet build at all and I'm glad it's dead. Every time I delete references to Pryce or two-ship it makes me a little happy.
    • Otherwise shortened and streamlined the article.
  • Wave 7 Rebellion in the Rim objectives
    • Red
      • Ion Storm
        • Interdictors with Grav Shift Reroute work well here, just like they do with all objectives that let you place all obstacles.
      • Marked for Destruction
        • Again, Interdictor with Grav Shift Reroute helps a lot.
        • That doesn't mean this objective is good.
      • Surprise Attack
        • Removed references to Bail and Pryce.
        • Removed reference to Avenger.
    • Blue
      • Minor editing and upkeep.
    • Yellow
      • Overall minor editing and upkeep. Added Interdictor discussion to Rift Ambush per a reader mention about Grav Shift Reroute and I agree it's got some legs.


  1. Finally trying to wrap my head around 1.5 by digging through all these update posts. Appreciate your work, and the signs of personality that slip in to even the bullet pointed lists :D (i.e Pryce)

    1. Glad I can help! And yes, I'm still happy that Pryce is dead. We've got some problematic fleets in 1.5 (looking at you Onagers but there are other offenders too) but nothing as bad as two-ship.