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ReyLo in the Rim 5 - A Good Day To Play Hard

Another Biggs guest post below! See you all next article - John

Let's go through a simple turn.  Like most things in Armada, turn order is important, and we'll see that come into play especially in the Management Phase.

There will be a turn going on in italics that you can follow along with as we go through the steps.

Strategy Phase

1. Determine Initiative

This step is very simple, and begins each turn.  Simply count up the total campaign points (not the campaign points for this specific act) and whoever is lower has Initiative.  The Rebel team gets initiative in case of a tie.

Tarkin, Vader, and Ozzel are currently winning 2-1 against the Rebel team of Leia, Garm, and Ackbar.  The Rebels thus have Initiative.  The Imperials have a Diplomat token, and use it on Sector I.

2.  Declaring an Assault

We'll be going back and forth between #2 and #3 in the Strategy Phase until everyone is paired off.  Starting with the team that has "initiative", one player picks a spot on the map to declare an assault.  That assault is either on an Unoccupied location, or an Enemy Location (a spot with either an enemy presence or base).  Each team can only declare 1 attack against an Enemy Location each turn.

This is also where some of the Condition Cards come into play.  If you have Low Morale, you can't declare assaults against a location in a sector with an enemy Diplomat.  If you have Low Fuel, if you are going to declare an assault, you must be the first one to declare if the other members of your team don't also have Low Fuel.

3.  Declare Defender

Really you can think of step 2 and step 3 as more or less 2 parts of a single step that is repeated multiple times.  In Step 3, the opposing team picks a player to defend against the Assault declared in Step 2.  Afterwards, it alternates back to Step 2, but the "defending" team is now the team that declares the assault.

One players are paired off, you check to see if either the attacker or defender are assigned a Condition Card.  Fighting at all in an area with no Friendly Base gives either player a Low Fuel condition.  Attacking into a sector with a Diplomat token gives the attacking player only the Low Morale condition.  Finally, defending within a sector that has both border locations controlled by the enemy gives the defending player only the Low Supplies condition.

The Rebels have Initiative.  Garm has Low Fuel, but really wants to attack Mandalore (which the Imperials took over last turn), so he has to declare his attack first.  The Imperials respond by sending Vader to defend.  The Imperials have a base there, and the Rebels don't, but Garm already has Low Fuel, so there is no effect.  

The Imperials then get to choose their assault, and Tarkin decides he is going to attack Nar Shaddaa.  Leia declares that she will stop him.  Nar Shaddaa is on a border, and there is a base for the Imperials and Rebels in IV and III respectively, meaning no one gets a condition.  

Finally Ackbar really wanted to attack the Ring of Kafrene, which the Imperials currently hold, but since Garm has already attacked an Imperial presence he is forced to choose something else.  Ozzel will meet him at Ord Mantell - another border location between I and V.  Since the Imperials put a Diplomat token on Sector I, Ackbar will get Low Morale, but will not get to choose between that and Low Fuel, since the Rebels have a base in Sector V. 

The fights this round will be:
Garm (Low Fuel) vs Vader at Mandalore
Tarkin vs Leia at Nar Shaddaa
Ackbar (Low Morale) vs Ozzel at Ord Mantell

The Imperials had an Ally Token, but decided not to use it at any point.  Tarken is given an Imperial Spynet token.

The Rebels choose to use 1 Skilled Spacer token at this time.  Ackbar is given the Rebel's Destiny token as well as the Spynet token - Ord Mantell must be secured!  They can cut the Empire off of supplies in Sector I, but if they lose the Imperials do the same to them in Sector V!

Battle Phase

1. Choose Objective

I'd hope everyone knows how Armada battles work by now.

The trick with Choose Objective is that the objectives that the defending player brings are modified by where the battle is taking place.  All locations either have different Standard Objectives, replacing the ones you have in your list, or Campaign Objectives, which are added to the 3 Standard Objectives for your opponent to choose from.  They don't have to choose the ones from the location, they can always choose the ones that you brought if they think it works better for them, but typically if you are attacking a location, you will want to at least pay a bit of attention to what objectives you can hurt the defender with, since it is up to the attacker to decide which one to play.

Also important is that to get a unique reward upgrade you have to play a Campaign Objective (including base defenses), and that you can only play a Campaign Objective as a team once per system for the whole campaign.  

Speaking of Base Defense Objectives, if the attacked location is a base, it automatically uses only the Base Defense Objective assigned to that location.

Garm (Low Fuel) vs Vader at Mandalore -
Garm would really like to play Recruit Allies, but it had been chosen as the objective previously at Mandalore.  As such, there are no objectives to swap out, he has to choose from Vader's Standard Objectives.

Tarkin vs Leia at Nar Shaddaa
Tarkin chooses the Campaign objective Hired Scum, which was added to Leia's Standard Objectives.

Ackbar (Low Morale) vs Ozzel at Ord Mantell
Ord Mantell adds Advanced Gunnery to Ozzel's list, replacing his Red Objective Most Wanted.  Ackbar was counting on this - his fleet would love Advanced Gunnery and Ozzel's definitely doesn't have a ship that would get a lot of use out of it.  Ackbar selects that objective.

2. Fight Battle

You know how this works, right?  Fight it out!

The players fight their battles, like a normal game of Armada with the RitR extra rules.

Tarken uses the Spynet to get the jump onto Garm.

Ackbar spends the Spynet to move his flagship - the Advanced Gunnery objective ship - to the perfect location!  He never even had to use the Destiny token.

3.  Score Battle

After the battle is over, score the battle the usual way.  This will determine the winner and loser, as well as the Margin of Victory, which are important for different things.  Winners get at least one campaign point, though if the fight was at a base the attacking team gets one point plus the location's bonus campaign points if they win, and the defending team gets 2 campaign points if they win.

Garm (Low Fuel) vs Vader at Mandalore - It's a hard fought battle, but ultimately Vader wins by a score of 119 to 110.  The Imperials gain 1 campaign point (3-1).

Tarkin vs Leia at Nar Shaddaa - Tarkin should never have tangled with this princess.  Leia wins handily, 205 to 82.  The Rebels gain 1 campaign point (3-2).

Ackbar (Low Morale) vs Ozzel at Ord Mantell - Ackbar knew exactly what he was doing going to Ord Mantell.  Ozzel's fleet couldn't handle firepower of that magnitude.  Ackbar wins 248-20.  The Rebels gain 1 campaign point (3-3)

4.  Determine Experience

Any time you fight, your commander gets better; every player will get at least 1 experience from a fight.  That being said, you can learn a lot more when you lose, if you fight a superior opponent... or you can prove you are already experienced by winning big.
- All players gain 1 exp.
- The losing player gains 1 additional exp.
- The winner gains 1 additional exp for each 75 points of MOV.
- An under-strength team gains 1 additional exp for each 25 points of difference on fleet size.

Garm (Low Fuel) vs Vader at Mandalore - Vader and Garm both gain 1 exp, and Garm gains an additional exp for losing.  There is no significant MOV or fleet size difference.

Tarkin vs Leia at Nar Shaddaa - Tarkin and Leia both gain 1 exp.  Tarkin gains 1 additonal exp for losing.  Leia gains 1 additional exp for beating Tarkin by 123 (75 points, but not 150).  Finally Tarkin gains 1 additional exp because Leia's fleet was temporarily larger thanks to Hired Scum (205 vs 245).

Ackbar (Low Morale) vs Ozzel at Ord Mantell - Ackbar and Ozzel each gain 1 exp.  Ozzel gets 1 additional exp for losing.  Ackbar gets 3 additional exp for obliterating Ozzel (228 MOV), but Ozzel gets no additional exp because Ackbar's fleet was roughly the same size as his (210 vs 204).

Thus when all is said and done:
Vader +1 exp
Garm +2 exp
Ozzel +2 exp
Leia + 2 exp
Tarkin +3 exp
Ackbar +4 exp

5.  Determine Scarred Forces

Any ship or squadron that was destroyed in the previous battle is Scarred, making them less effective in future fights.  Scarred status carries on to the next round, but you'll be able to unscar some of your ships / squadrons almost immediately.  We'll see later in the Management phase.

The good news is that unlike Corellian Conflict, you can't lose a ship permanently by having it scarred.

All players mark down the ships and squadrons that were destroyed.  Tarkin and Ozzel in particular have to scar their entire fleet.  Vader has to scar 1 VSD and a pair of squadrons, and Garm is forced to scar 4 squadrons and a hammerhead.

Leia doesn't have to scar anything, because the only squadrons that were destroyed were temporary ones from the Hired Scum objective card.  Ackbar scars his GR-75 that was destroyed.

6.  Determine Veteran Forces

Each player can assign a Veteran token to only one of their eligible ships or squadrons, plus one additional ship or squadron for each Skilled Spacer token spent during the Strategy Phase.  Ships are eligible if they destroyed another ship during an attack, and survived.  Squadrons are eligible if they destroyed either a ship or a squadron during an attack, and survived.  Veteran tokens can be spent twice per game.  Ships can spend them when they reveal a command dial to get one command token of their choice.  Squadrons can spend them during an attack to reroll any number of dice in it's attack pool.

Vader's Gladiator had destroyed Garm's Hammerhead, so he gives it the Veteran Token.  He had Black Squadron score a kill as well, but it didn't survive.  Garm killed the VSD with a lucky X-Wing shot, but the X-Wing was a non-unique, and thus isn't eligible.  His flagship's flak finished off the two fighters but... squadrons don't count for ships.  He can't make anyone a veteran.

Leia is happy that the Rebel team spent a skilled spacer!  Her MC-30 killed off Tarkin's flagship, and Lando caught at least one TIE.  That's two Veterans for her!  Tarkin's ships and squadrons all died, so nothing for him.

Acbkar doesn't get much use out of the Skilled Spacer.  His flagship killed off all of Ozzel's ships, but it is already a veteran.  Ozzel didn't have anything that survived, so no veterans for him.

Management Phase

1. Determine Battle Effects

This is where you update the map based on who won and who lost.  After updating the map, teams can build bases on territories they control by spending 2 resource tokens.

Mandalore (Imperial Presence) does not change hands, as the Imperials won.  The Rebels gain a presence in both Nar Shaddaa and Ord Mantell.  The Rebels would like to put a base on one of those two locations, but they don't have 2 resources to do so.  They realize that they will be able to next turn after they gain tokens from this round, but they'll have to defend those border locations in the meantime.

The Imperials, however, do have 2 Resource tokens to spend.  Unhappy to have fought and Mandalore for a second time now, they decide to build a base there.  Upon building the base, they decide that Fighter Wing would be the best defense for it.  Until the Imperials lose the planet, any battle fought there will use the Base Defense: Fighter Wing objective!

2.  Gain Strategic Effects

For each base you have, and for each location that you fought, and won this turn, you gain 1 strategic token provided by that location.  If that location has more than one, you have to choose which you want.  

The Rebels gain 1 Resource, 1 Spynet, and 1 Destiny token from their bases, and then gain 2 Repair Yards from Ord Mantell and Nar Shaddaa.  With the 1 they had last turn, now they have 2 Resources, and can build a base next turn.

Rebel Tokens:
2 Resources
2 Destiny
1 Spynet
2 Repair Yards

The Imperials gain 2 Resources from their bases, as well as a Diplomat and Ally token.

Imperial Tokens:
2 Resources
1 Diplomat
2 Allies

3. Gain Rewards

Each players gain new upgrade cards or squadrons based on the rewards of the planets they fought at, and one player per team can select a base reward instead.  These are chosen at this step but are sorta in limbo until step 5 - meaning you can choose upgrades that bring you above the fleet cap as long as you remove down below the cap during step 5.  You can also choose upgrades you couldn't equip yet, pick the appropriate commander ability in step 4, and equip them in step 5.

Garm takes an External Racks as the losers reward from Mandalore.  Leia selects Raymus Antilles from Nar Shaddaa, which she can do because she fought in the Campaign Objective.  Ackbar didn't need anything from Ord Mantell, but gladly takes a Spinal Armament from Atollon as the Base Reward.

For the Imperials, Vader picks up 2 different generic Officers from Mandalore's winner's reward.  Tarkin considers grabbing a TIE Interceptor from his base reward at Montross - he wanted a named officer, but without the winner reward doesn't have the points for the one he wanted (Brunson).  But wait!  Leia's fleet was extra large thanks to Hired Scum!  He adds the under-strength bonus and is able to purchase 10 points of officer!  Brunson is his!  Ozzel decides to pick up a 5 point defensive retrofit for his Arquitens, and chooses Reinforced Blast Doors.

4.  Spend Commander Experience

Players can now spend the experience they earned to upgrade (or replace) their commander abilities.

I'm too lazy to simulate this bit out.  Use your imagination.

5.  Refit and Expand Fleets

Each player updates their fleets, removing scar tokens and conditions, adding or removing forces, and equipping upgrades.  Here is where the upgrades picked during step 3 show up.  This is also where you can retire a fleet.

You can un-scar 1 ship or squadron per base you have constructed, and 1 per every Repair Yard spent.  You can also spend Repair Yards to sell more upgrades if you want to retool your fleet.

Vader and Tarkin complete the addition of their upgrades to their fleets.  Ozzel calls in to report his loss.  Vader looks at Tarkin, who subtly nods.  Ozzel falls over, clutching his throat.  His fleet is returned to the core, and Admiral Piett shows up with a new, more balanced Task Force.  Tarkin un-scars his two ships, and two of his squadrons, but he needs to leave the rest as is.  Vader un-scars all 3 of his damaged units.

Garm has decided that his External Racks that he just got, while good, just aren't great.  He sells them along with a HWK-290 he had picked up in the last round that was scarred recently.  14 points sold translates into 7 points he can use to buy ordnance or fighters, and he picks up Assault Concussion Missiles.  

Leia and Ackbar are happy to un-scar the few things they have damaged.

6.  Check Current Act

Check the player's scores for the act to see if a Pivotal Battle is triggered.  (We'll cover Pivotal Battles in a later article.)  2v2 games trigger if either team has scored 4 points during the act, while 3v3 games trigger at 5 points.

If it is Pivotal Battle time, the game proceeds to that, while if it is not, you start a new turn for the act, and move back up to the Strategy Phase of a new turn.

The score for both teams is 3 campaign points, which is lower than the 5 needed for a Pivotal Battle.  Both teams know that regardless of what happens this turn, someone will be at 5 points at the end of next turn.  Still, one more round to be played before the Pivotal.  Garm, Leia, Ackbar, and Vader, Tarkin, and Piett are ready for Act 1, Round 3!


  1. Thanks for another great summary (the rules booklet involves so much going back and forward between pages...), and also a general multiple thumbs up for CGYSO in general. You guys deliver so much great content.
    Just to clarify one thing: a border location counts as being in both adjoining sectors from the point of view of determining Conditions, right? So, when attacking a border, a base in either adjoining sector avoids Low Fuel?
    Then, borders have a separate effect of assigning a Low Supplies Condition if both border locations are controlled around a target sector. That's correct?

  2. Haha I see what you did there on your last sentence

  3. So an early Low Fuel condition card can act as a talisman against other conditions cards you might hate worse? And thank you for clarifying you can go temporarily above 250 points when taking rewards-- with an eye toward "trading down" to 250 or below during Refit step-- but where is this in the rulebook?

    1. You keep your current condition card, yes, p. 19.

      p. 18 has the expand and refit fleets part, and p. 21 has the location rewards part. I don't think there's anything specifically saying that you can go over, but I'll trust Biggs saying that you can temporarily go over if you sell down after.

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  5. Can the winner gain an understrength bonus, or does it only go to the losing side? No advantage for an against the odds victory seems strange...