Sunday, January 10, 2021

RitR Finale: The Future of RitR

Let's wrap this all up with something lighter here and my thoughts on this whole experiment.

You know, end of the day, I had a good time in this movie. I need to go rewatch it.

Biggs and I started this (wow, 5 months ago? I got BUSY) to try to get our disjointed thoughts down and help get all the RitR stuff in one place.  We wanted to help you figure out how to build your fleets and have a good time and all; I didn't expect to aid in the testing and creation of the Grand Moff variant (which is like the only way I want to play anymore....) nor did I expect to discover how legit FUN RitR was.

I played a campaign for much of the summer on Vassal and it definitely gave me a few crazy ideas for new fleets to run, new builds to try to make some things work in 400 point IRL games.  It's no secret that I was a playtester for RitR, but sitting down and actually playing the campaign itself and mucking about in the story parts gave me an enjoyable time.  It's nerdy when you're the only guy living it up with a named character and ships and fleet, but when everyone does it and I have to fight the stupid Star Destroyer Diehard AGAIN??? I'm not READY for this! But it gives a good sense of foreboding and makes the games MEAN something.  Which, in our 2020 of (gestures at everything) was sorely what I needed.

We have Armada 1.5 coming up, and new Clone Wars content as well.  Does this change anything we've written about how to build a fleet or what your fleets and teamwork should look like? No, I'd in fact argue that it opens things up more, with the pass tokens and the new ships and... OTHER changes coming out.  I'd think a Clone Wars RitR campaign would actually port really well for learning the new ships! With America continuing into the social distancing trend as we await the vaccine (sorry to bring the article down, guys), Vassal and presumably TTS remain places you can schedule a game to get a campaign going.  I know my local gaming store hasn't allowed in-person gaming since March, so it's the only place I'm likely to get a game going, and if this series has convinced at least one of you to try out a RitR campaign, then I think it's done its job.

The new shrug emoji
Any final advice I have to give you is that I'll reiterate the whole point of this was collaborative story-telling like a Dungeons and Dragons game.  Remember the first rule and you'll end up doing fine.  And maybe even end up working with another blogger about the best way to create fleets or make with the jokey jokes.  And you'll end up defeating the last remnants of the Empire together!

Will Biggs and I collaborate again in the future? Most likely, I'm on their podcast often enough! But article wise, sure, as soon as something strikes our fancy for something worth doing. It was actually a good time working with him on this all, figuring out who was going to write what and all.  And like I said, it provided me a lot of enjoyment for RitR.

I said RitR not LotR!

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