Thursday, November 21, 2019

Every Imperial squadron article updated

I moved through Imperial squadrons much more quickly than the commanders, given they need a lot less overall work. Generally I added in hyperlinks, clarified some passages, cut out stuff that didn't age well, and added bits and pieces here and there. If I note something specifically, it means it was a more substantial update than the basic maintenance, but every Imperial squadron article has been updated.

Carefully rebuilt and less likely to poke my feet next time, I hope.

  • Firesprays
    • Cut out a lot of the TIE Bomber vs. Firesprays discussion that I felt was repetitive.
    • Removed references to Rhymer that were added prior to his nerf. He's still fine with Firesprays but not nearly so important.
    • Added a lot more to Hondo, who is a pretty legit Rogue ace bomber for Imperials with a very flexible ability.
  • Jumpmasters
    • Cut down on article length fairly significantly. Intel is important and definitely strongly worth considering for bomber fleets but it's not nearly as mandatory as it once was.
    • Total overhaul of Dengar's analysis due to changing squadron meta from when the article was originally written.
  • Lambdas
    • Shortened significantly, as we've since written articles about Strategic squadrons and whatnot. Plus with Moralo Eval showing up you can potentially use Lambdas in just about any sized squad group provided it's designed well.
  • Mandalorian Gauntlets
    • Still suck, but I've shortened the lengthy explanation going into very fine detail as to why they suck. It's pretty widely accepted that they're bad, I don't need to waste anyone's time at this point.
  • TIE Advanceds
    • A bit more blunt about how generic TIE Advanced kind of suck, revised the Vader section quite a bit.
  • TIE Bombers
    • Removed a lot of the focus on Intel groups with Rhymer that were common prior to wave 5 and the Rhymer nerf, the discussion does mention that but is less focused on it.
  • TIE Defenders
    • Fairly sizable overhaul in the generic Defender discussion. They've got merit but you really need to consider what else those points can get you instead.
  •  TIE Fighters
    • A fair bit of cleanup (this was literally the first squadron article I ever wrote, although it has been updated previously) and I kept the TIE Commandments because I still think they're good advice. I added a segment at the end about what types of fleets to consider using TIE Fighters in because I think it's an important consideration.
    • A bit less work done on the TIE Fighter aces companion article but I cut out a good amount of extraneous chatter there. Because we've written so many other articles at this point, it's much easier to simply point people there if they're interested in the detailed explanation but otherwise I can settle for the short- to medium-length explanation and keep articles more focused and shorter. Back when we first wrote these articles, we didn't have companion articles to link to.
  • TIE Phantoms
    • A more substantial overhaul, especially for the generic Phantom. It has a place if you build for it. I wouldn't mind a Legion-style points cut, but they can do fine, especially with Sloane.

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