Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Eric article updates post-FAQ 3/3/2020

Lots of updates!

I really like this artwork because orbital shipyards are frickin' sweet.
  • Aggressor article updated to specify how IG-88B interacts with Escort post-FAQ.
  • Hyperspace Migration segment updated in light of the errata nerf to scoring and clarification as to when purrgil move (after token shenanigans).
  • Rebellion in the Rim yellow objectives updated for Asteroid Tactics and Fleet in Being now that salvo is a thing (in short: they got better, especially with salvo).
  • Exogorth segment updated to reflect opponents make attacks against squadrons (thank God they changed that).
  • SSD article updated with deployment errata and clarification on Surprise Attack.
  • Cham and Slicer Tools updated to reflect you get to see the command set to the dial you're about to change.
  • Thrawn article updated to include the FAQ note that you can't discard Thrawn dials to wipe raid tokens.
  • Commander Beck and Governor Pryce entries updated due to FAQ. Beck works weird with phantom command tokens and Pryce stops doing anything once discarded.
  • Lots of Imperial commander articles updated to note they can work well with Onagers:

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