Saturday, March 3, 2018

Generic Officers Update

Strategic Adviser is in the generic officers section! Text below!

I advise you to take me!
Strategic Adviser (note the spelling, kids!) is really great in that he's a "fake" activation.  You just need to exhaust him instead of activating a ship.  Right NOW, we need clarification on whether or not the ship he's currently on is allowed to be activated to understand if he can be exhausted as such or not.  The current understanding is that the ship CAN already have been activated, and he can then be tapped if you need him to, even if the ship has already gone this round.

Anyways, he's really great, allowing you to take out a flotilla in order to use those points for other upgrades or squadrons.  The one issue is that he sits in that highly coveted officer's chair, where all of these guys and your Rebel/Imperial friends would also like to sit.  Hooray, controversy!

The best use right now that I can see of him is if you need one more activation to be "competitive" (to bring you up to 4-5 activations, not to bring you from 2 to 3 or from 7 to 8).  If you're going from 2 to 3 or 7 to 8, use Pryce or Bail instead.  You'll get better usage out of them there in my opinion.  Also note that your opponent will get to activate 2 ships in a row.  If you think you can weather the 2 attacks coming at you, go for it.  Just don't let an ISD and Demolisher both attack you in order to get them "after" they've gone (maaaaaaaaybe on a Rieekan Defiance, but that's still iffy as heck in my opinion.)  If many of your opponent's ships are just out of range of you or just on the tip of red range, and (can't stress this enough) you can weather the storm of attacks coming at you, then exhaust that adviser, let them come closer to you!  Strategic Adviser is really good turns 1 and 2, and then arguably not as useful turns 3 onwards.  That's a solid use of 4 points in my opinion.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post these articles, they are a great help. I have a question here for you, where do you get the "opponent gets to activate two ships" bit? I did not see it at all on the topics in the FFG board. Shouldn't it be back to you after the opponent activates his ship?

    1. I believe what John means is because your strategic adviser substitutes for an activation, it can result in your opponent activating one ship, you pass, and then activating another ship for a total of 2 ships.

    2. Now I feel stupid, thanks for the explanation (not a native English speaker)

  2. Two of my three opponents at regionals used this card to wreck me. I had no idea it was coming since I hadn't researched the wave 7 merch yet. (It literally came out the day before the tournament, so that was fun)