Friday, May 28, 2021

Where's my Ven Article, John?

So it's sure 3 pm when this published, right? And you're asking yourself "why is John waiting on content? Is it because he hates me?" I mean, probably not, but if you want to think that, who am I to stop you?

Anyways, the real REASON is that I wrote the Pelta article first way back when we thought these were all coming out in April (sad laughter).  Then I hit the Pelta commanders (Side note: no Pelta until it's in my hands. Sorry bros and bro-ettes)! Things were looking great! So I'm ready for June (stupid boat in the stupid canal). I got the other 2 commanders together (as i'm sure you've seen already), and then I intended to write that Venator article (and update the other stuff).

And then I moved in with my fiancĂ©e and hit a wall of "pack and unpack all your stuff." I'm currently in UNPACK mode, but I still have a bunch of boxes to hit.  And then clean out my old apartment to get a security deposit back this weekend, and hang out with friends.  So, uh, I'ma hit it next week? Along with a few commander updates (Bail for sure, Obi very likely), and updates to the charger that are basically "this is a Pelta now instead of this build." Along with the updates about all the upgrades (I'm grabbing my Venators TOMORROW, so I honestly don't even know what upgrades I'm getting with them, haha!)

So it's coming, I promise. Just don't expect it Monday.  Give me a week and I'll definitely be either unpacked enough to do it or I'll kill my sleep schedule even more to make sure it's done.


  1. We can't complain about delayed free content, thanks for all you do for the community.

  2. Take your time. If we can wait months for plastic ships, we can wait a little bit longer for the wisdom to fly them better.