Sunday, May 30, 2021

Eric article updates 5/30


I updated few articles hot on the heels of wave 10 releases. Everything got a bit of minor editing, hyperlink adding to articles that showed up later, etc. In addition:

  • Interdictor article updated with revised Back Atcha, Buddy salvo build replacing Disposable Capacitors with Flak Guns (similar effect but better and lasts all game). Mention of Point Defense Ion Cannons.
  • Count Dooku article updated to include the B2 Rocket Troopers/BORT droids, which allow for a "tons of raid tokens" fleet.
  • Kraken article updated to mention Providence-class Dreadnoughts and Swivel-Mount Batteries on Munificents.
  • Hardcell article updated in a few places:
    • Beast of Burden can work on itself (just clarifying for rules, but spending an evade to ready your brace can be pretty handy in the right circumstances for example).
    • Builds updated with new officers, particularly Tikkes.
    • Some more discussion on external dice fixing with the Battle Refit and the possibility of running it with no upgrades at all.
  • Munificent article has some minor updates. 
    • Added new use of Flag Bridge for Jedi Hostage.
    • Ion cannon discussion enhanced a bit and added Point Defense Ion Cannon as an option.
    • Star Frigate expanded a bit with the introduction of Thermal Shields, which works well for the Star Frigate.
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer article updated :
    • Some salvo builds updated by the Flak guns + DBY-827 Heavy Turbolasers combo.
    • Point Defense Ion Cannons added where appropriate as well.

I'm starting to refer to the DBY-827 Heavy Turbolasers in some of my articles and linking to the turbolaser article. John's got his hands full and hasn't updated the article yet but I'm sure it'll get added in a few days. In the meantime, it's this:


  1. After the DBY-827 article comes out, are there plans to update certain ships for them, such as the Clone Wars ships specifically? I wouldn't mind seeing the viability of specialized "Salvo Boat" builds for a lot of them, especially Acclamators and Munificents.

    1. John updated the turbolasers article to add DBY-827s today, actually! And I've already updated the ISD article to have two example builds with them (it's tougher to get mileage out of DBYs with civil war era ships as I much prefer them with 2+ possible salvos a round). In terms of Clone Wars ships, I don't rate Munificents with DBYs highly at all, much preferring the standard LTTs with them for a red-die reroll on their flak, regular attacks, and salvo attacks. Acclamators (especially Acclamator-Is) I think have some more options there, though, but that will depend on when John can get the Acclamator article updated. I do have some updated Providence builds I hope to get to within a few days, though!