Friday, April 16, 2021

Public service announcement: list and ship build critiques and upcoming wave 10

A short update and a request on behalf of John and me: please don't ask us to critique your ship builds or fleet lists. It's not that we don't care - honestly, we're flattered at how much trust the community has in us. It's that we just don't have the time to make it a thing we open the floodgates to in addition to running the blog, enjoying our other hobbies, and living our regular lives. There's also the practical matter of we need a lot of information to really make a good critique, such as how competitive your meta is, what types of fleets are popular, what models and upgrades you own, what the rest of your fleet is like, what types of things you're comfortable running at this point, etc. etc.

In short, we're flattered you trust us with your fleets but we don't reliably have the time to help. If you would like input on your fleet lists/ship builds, I'd recommend the Star Wars Armada subreddit, the Armada Facebook group, or the Steel Strategy discord server.

"I value you as a coworker, Fish Todd, but I'm not reviewing any more fleet lists for you. So please put that printout away and get back to work."

We do update our example ship builds in articles periodically: usually when some new upgrade has been released that shakes things up or we play with/against some options we previously hadn't considered and they're better than expected. That said, they are starting points that are fairly agnostic towards commander choice so I don't want anyone to consider them the absolute be-all end-all: please play around with your options and find something that works for you and your specific fleet!

In terms of wave 10 and the future here at CGYSO: we don't entirely know when everything is actually going to reach us. We've been getting lots of conflicting information on release dates so it's a big question mark at this point. Once we have the plastic spaceships in our grubby mitts we'll be releasing new articles like usual. We had a big backlog ready to go for wave 9 but it meant a flurry of activity here initially followed by a slow process of updating to version 1.5 across the blog. For wave 10 I expect we'll have regular updates here and there for around a month as we get caught up and then filling in some backlog due to new upgrades changing options from earlier.

As always, thanks for reading!

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